Conspiracy Theory: I Think Not!

The Charlotte Bobcats were the team that was favored to get the first pick in the NBA Draft Lottery. Their odds were at 25% . The Washington Wizards’ odds were at 19.9% chance of winning the draft. They were followed by the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New Orleans Hornets, rounding out the top four teams that had better than a 10% chance of winning the lottery with 13.8% and 13.7% respectively. Each team had a high probability to get the top pick and in the end, the Hornets got the lucky bounce of the ball. They won the Anthony Davis sweepstakes. But with this, the NBA didn’t win the PR war. Many people took to Twitter and Facebook to talk about how they felt that this whole draft lottery was rigged. A lot of people feel the NBA set all the ping-pong balls up to help New Orleans, who the NBA used to own, get back on their feet. I truly think that this lottery was not rigged and that, as usual, people are over-thinking the situation.

Sure, it may appear that the lottery was rigged for the Hornets. They just got a new owner and their team seems to be in rebuilding mode. But you could have made a conspiracy case for the Bobcats and Nets should they have gotten the 1st pick. Many people would have said that Stern wouldn’t allow Michael Jordan to fail as an owner of the Bobcats after he’s done so much for the game. People also would have said that Charlotte needed some excitement there because they could be in danger of losing more money as a franchise too.

For the Nets, they will be moving to a new arena in Brooklyn this year. They have to bring someone in to draw some fans to Brooklyn and find some way to get players to hopefully entice Deron Williams to stay with the team. Should they have gotten the 1st round pick, people would have ran with the conspiracy that Stern set that up for the Nets so they wouldn’t flop in their big move to Brooklyn.

All these possible scenarios could have happened. And with any of these scenarios, conspiracy theories would have followed. But sometimes with conspiracy theories, we lose what that moment really is. It’s just a happening in time. Not every single move needs to be viewed with a fine-tooth comb and dissected. If you dissected and thought long enough about pretty much any situation, you can create a conspiracy behind it. Relax on the conspiracy talk for one second and let New Orleans enjoy the bit of good news. After this city has gone through BountyGate, the loss of Chris Paul and another bad season, they deserve some happiness for once.

Do you think the NBA lottery was rigged? Or is that talk all conspiracy theory?

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3 Thoughts to “Conspiracy Theory: I Think Not!”

  1. Lee Love

    the whole thought of “Lottery Conspiracy” just makes me laugh…I guess that’s just something else for folks to make an issue.

  2. i dont believe its a conspiracy if Cavs got #1 pick i would have maybe seen peoples viewpoint but this one no way

  3. Mike

    You could even say if Cavs won it Stern still trying to make it up to Gilbert. Sadly the NBA is dogged by this stuff.

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