“The Battle of Gotham City” Brooklyn Nets or New York Knicks?

I have been interrogated on why I believe the new-look Nets are the immortal team in the city of New York. Below I will elaborate a bit more on why I think the Brooklyn Nets are the paramount gang in Gotham. BUT first and foremost let me state that Nets owner Billy King and co. were the winners of this years free-agency period. Not only did they lure Superstar guard Deron Williams back, they made crucial moves to acquire Joe Johnson from Atlanta. Although they take on Johnson’s  big contract (that I feel he didn’t deserve), with Williams alongside him they create arguably the best backcourt in the NBA. All-Star Center Brook Lopez also was inked to a deal, as well as his  frontcourt running-mates Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace. Second year wingman MarShon Brooks was welcomed back after being inserted into several trade scenarios with Orlando. Brooks averaged 12.6 points per game in his rookie campaign and aims to be a spark off the bench as the sixth man.

I do want you all to know that I am not snoozing on the new additions the New York Knicks have assembled. Future Hall of Fame guard Jason Kidd is now on Broadway after spending his last six seasons in Dallas. Marcus Camby makes his return back to New York where he once visited the NBA Finals. Also former college player of the year Raymond Felton serves  his second stint with the Knicks. Note that Felton had his best season in the NBA as a member of the New York Knicks back in 2010 averaging( 17 points per game) and 9 dimes. Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, and Tyson Chandler return to the Knickerbocker frontcourt looking to mesh, contrary to last season. Iman Shumpert the Knicks best on-ball defender will return after being sidelined with a severe knee injury (ACL/ meniscus tear).8th year sharpshooter J.R. Smith will return to Knick sidelines too, averaging just under 13 points per game last season.

The Braswell Breakdown:

So for starters the Brooklyn Nets will be a playoff team come next April, that’s first. Secondly, as I stated previously,  Brooklyn has the best backcourt right now in Williams/Johnson. Yeah sure, the Knicks have the Carmelo Anthony’s and the Amare Stoudemire’s , BUT what if we get a repeat of what we witnessed last season? You know- unable to mesh, hampered by injuries, bickering, etc..etc..etc… Who knows what Raymond Felton is going to give you at that point guard spot? As we all know he is not the healthiest of guys, though reports say he has lost 20 lbs and feels as good as ever- but that remains to be seen. Can Mare’ and Melo co-exist? All of these questions have to be addressed point blank period. On the other side of the baseline you have a veteran coach in Avery Johnson who has coached in an NBA Finals. Deron Williams Superstar point guard, Joe Johnson 6’8 240 lb wingman who can put up 30 any given time. He also can vanish at times too, particularly in April- you know PLAYOFF TIME! Nonetheless, he is still a prolific and attractive swingman to acquire. On twitter I only get 160 characters to express how I feel about this particular topic, now my characters are limitless. By the way I’m also  going to pitch out there I predict Brooklyn to finish TOP 5 in the East this season. Maybe they can swindle a #4 seed and have home court advantage and make a real push in the postseason.

The Brooklyn Nets vs New York Knicks will be one of the most heated rivalries we have seen in a long time. I’m just still not SOLD on NY, sure they have the talent on paper but that has to transfer to the floor. The same rules also apply to the Brooklyn Nets, Deron and Joe have to establish chemistry. Last season when healthy we saw flashes of great chemistry between Lopez and Williams. Both teams have a great starting 5, but if I had to select a squad I’ll definitely roll the dice on the Brooklyn Nets.

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Correspondant/Staff Writer Jason P. Braswell is an NBA writer/ Sports Talk Show Host, and he expresses his love for the game passionately. Jason is the creator of The Baseline Blurb and is a contributor on other blogs such as Baseline Hoops(thebaselineblurb.wordpress.com/), and Lakeshow Life(lakeshowlife.com/) . When he is not expressing his passion for basketball on paper, Jason takes his thoughts ON-AIR. He hosts a weekly sports talk show “On the Baseline with Braswell” that airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm CST. Please feel free to follow him on Twitter @JdotBras, also keep up with his Radio show happenings on Facebook. When Jason is not talking basketball/sports you can bet that he is around it, but a majority of the time he is playing. He played basketball both High School and Collegiately, and to this day enjoys shooting hoops for fun. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia; Jason now resides in Houston, TX with his wonderful wife and dog. You can reach Jason via email at jasonpbraswell@yahoo.com, he will respond accordingly!

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