Jets Offense is Going to Struggle This Year

Pre season game two last week against the super bowl champion New York Giants, Mark Sanchez threw a pick in the red zone.  Rookie Jayron Hosley picked it off for a touchdown of 77 yards.  The Jets eventually lost that game 26-3.  I think this will be a constant offensive struggle for the Jets to get into the end zone during the season.

In two preseason games the Jets have given up 12 sacks, scored only nine points, no touchdowns ( not even their “superstar” back up qb Tim Tebow could get a single touchdown in preseason) and haven’t established a running game yet.  It’s hard to believe not even the back ups can score against another teams backups.  The cause of these offensive struggles could be pointed towards the shaky pass protection Sanchez and Tebow receive.

Many analysis and me included think the main reason is very bad play at the right tackle position by Wayne Hunter.  Hunter was really never consistent during last season, and in these two games of the pre season he has let people blow past him to sack the qb or stuff a run and received a couple false start penalties.  Head coach Rex Ryan is benched Hunter yesterday for journey man Austin Howard.  The team tried out former pro-bowler Marcun Mcneil two days ago.  I think that would be the best decision for the Jets because he was a good left tackle for the Chargers for years till he started getting neck problems two years ago.  But even if they can start figuring out the olines problems, look who there protecting.

When the Jets traded for Tebow a couple of months ago, I was like wait..  what? This whole time I thought they were 100 percent behind Sanchez, who they drafted with the fifth pick in the 2009 draft.  Well I guess I wasn’t completely wrong about this thought… kind of.  Because after the trade went through, the Jets said Mark Sanchez is our starter ( for now).

So why get the greatest qb of all time according to ESPN?  Well what else, to be punter protector or something like that.  What a joke.  The only reason the Jets did this was to get more tabloid appearances than in state rival Giants. Yeah Jets 1-0 for winning the tabloid championship.  Giants 2-0 for winning the NFL championship in the past five years.  Well even if Tebow starts, they have no weapons to support either quarterback.

They have former super bowl MVP Santonio Holmes as their starting receiver, that’s a good weapon, right?  No it’s not, he is a number two receiver at best for the Jets.  Dustin Keller the starting tight end isn’t a bad target, but he only got into the end zone five times last year.  Second round pick this year Stephen Hill is no where close to going out on the field as a starter, only having 19 catches at run the ball every play Georgia Tech University (but I do love his run blocking, so if he does start at least he can help in the running game on a consistent level).  There was one other player I think im forgetting… ohh right Antonio Cromartie.  In his seven-year career, Cromartie has caught the ball zero times.  That’s right, he starts at corner opposite of Revis Island.  Cromartie believes he is the second best receiver on the team. But this team can run the ball every play instead of throwing it to the opponents defensive backs.. oops I meant to say their cornerbacks.

In the off-season the Jets hired Tony Sparano, former head coach of the Miami Dolphins.  Maybe this could be the reason they traded for Tebow, Sparano wants to run the wild cat with the qb that was made for it, Tebow.  I think most of the Jets touchdowns this year will come from their wildcat. Rushing and throwing from it will have to be one of the only ways they can score this season.

I firmly believe Tebow will get the starting job from Sanchez at some point during the season.  Sanchez will have his bad stretch of games where he turns it over a bunch of times, and the coaches will be forced to go with Tebow.  Tebow will come in, win a couple of games in a row, but unlike last year I don’t think he can take the jets all the way to a fairy tale playoff appearance like he did with the Broncos last year.

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