Shawne Merriman released today by the Bills, end of his career?

Once thought of the as the next coming of Lawarence Taylor, off-the-roids Shawne Merriman was released today by the Buffalo Bills.  With the signings of two top defensive line free agents in Mario Williams and Mark Anderson, Merriman became expendable to the team.  Williams who was the most sought out free agent this year from the Texans, a former first overall pick that has sacked the qb 53 times in his seven-year career.  Anderson is coming off a 10-sack year with the division rival Patriots.

So where does this leave Merriman? Well he get signed by another team, or is this the end of a player that in 2005 got 10 sacks and the rookie of the year award.  I think I have to say that this is the end of his career.  I think hell get picked up by a team for cheap, but he has just fell of so far without the use of steroids that he would probably just end up getting cut again before the start of the season.

In the 2008 season when Merriman did get accused and later found that it was true he was on steroids, I thought yah he wont be the great player he was that got 17 sacks in 2006 and 12.5 sacks in 2007, but who would have thought he could fall so far from the top without the help of steroids.  As Brandon Marshall said about Joey Porter, “But he’s definitely one of those guys who all those muscles are popcorn muscles. He’s soft.”

The Chargers put Merriman, the 12th pick in the 2005 draft, on waivers mid-season in 2010.  That’s when the Bills picked him up mid way through the season off waivers.  Merriman didn’t play the rest of that 2010-year because of an Achilles injury.

In 2011 Merriman played in five games and got one sack.  He ended his Charger career after the 2008 season where he got accused with a 2009 year of four sacks, and an injured 2010 season.

Was once thought of the next great pass rusher, is now viewed as a joke. There has never been quite a player that has fallen off so hard after a start to a career quite like Merriman terrific three-year start of a career.  But hey I wish him the best of luck to whatever team he signs with.  He was one of my favorite defensive players to watch with his ferocity and speed at the outside linebacker position, and also he had one of the best sack dances in the NFL… his lights out dance.


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  1. *sings “Is This The End” like New Edition* It’s all over for him. Had a couple good years, but like his sack dance, it’s Lights Out.

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