Chris Bosh Going Hard in the Paint

You know the NBA is in the offseason when we’re discussing player’s weight. I’ve been searching for some noteworthy news to report and discuss for the past week or so. I’ve had just about no luck, so I give in here.

Today, with all of the NFL teams playing except for a select few, there have been a few NBA tidbits here and there of information that could potentially be vital for the league next season. After all, its the smallest details that win championships.

Today, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reported that Chris Bosh was adding weight so that he’ll be able to play center via

Chris Bosh is adding six pounds of muscle to prepare for the rigors of playing a full season at center.

Bosh’s move to center would allow Erik Spoelstra to play LeBron James more at power forward, giving the Heat mismatch advantages on both ends of the floor.

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Bosh’s move to center isn’t particularly going to be a flawless one. Certainly, it worked in the postseason last year but that’s when teams pull out all of their trump cards and do whatever it takes to win. We’ve seen Rondo play the shooting guard position, Kevin Durant play almost a full game at power forward, Dwyane Wade play point guard for a whole game, and Bosh played center to finish off their championship run last year.

The thing is, the Heat would like to have it so that Bosh can play center permanently. That was the original plan in Erik Spoelstra’s mind when Bosh came to Miami, and for him to see it work this season has to have him trying to convince Bosh to stay in that slot so that LeBron James can play the power forward position. That’s a winning formula for the Heat and it makes all of their other line-ups so much more versatile.

To hear that Bosh said he wants to add on six pounds to his frame has to have Spoelstra jumping for joy. It looks like the Heat players are truly buying into his formula after last season’s championship run. Its better late than never though, right?

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