How the NBA Lockout Brought Me to Twitterverse


I disliked Twitter. In all honesty, I regarded it as just another bland social media fad that I didn’t need

to be a part of. I neither understood the concept behind a “tweet” nor the purpose of putting information about my daily activities on the web for people to see.

On the other hand, I really enjoyed following the NBA and its players to the point where I wanted to instantly know about the latest news and the whereabouts of the players. It so happened that the NBA was embroiled in a messy work stoppage that summer. There was not much basketball related content to satiate the desire a hoops junkie like myself. Instead, there were bleak reports of stagnation between the player’s union and the owners. I was anxious for actual basketball to be played as opposed to watching millionaires and billionaires argue over minute details.


While routinely watching NBA TV, I began to notice a stream of tweets that flowed at the bottom of the screen. Those tweets belonged to various NBA players, who voiced their insights on the lockout and shared information about their own lives to the millions of fans.

This is where my deep basketball interest met my woeful indifference to Twitter. The more tweets I saw, the greater my interest in creating a Twitter account became. So, eventually, I did. I still had my doubts, however.

I began following athletes, analysts, personalities, and anyone that had something to say about the NBA. Almost immediately, I was hooked. I couldn’t go a day—more like an hour—without checking my timeline for analysis and the unique perspectives on the players.

Something else subtly impacted me. I was, for the first time, able to connect with people who shared the same level of passion for sports, faith, medicine, and blogging. Sometimes I felt as though there weren’t many who shared the level of deep  interest in sports as I did. But Twitter proved to me otherwise.

Through Twitter, the exact social media outlet I felt I would never become a part of, reinforced and reminded me of a lesson that I was always instructed to follow: never underestimate someone or something because of lack of knowledge about the great qualities of the object or the person. On Twitter I have met unique people from all walks of life, and because of that, I developed a greater appreciation for things around me.

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