NBA Season Preview: Northwest Divsion

1. The Oklahoma City Thunder led by the talented duo of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are the division favorites. Durant will look to capitalize on last years successful season. A more mature and developed Westbrook gives OKC a deadly 1-2 punch.  Drafting Perry Jones III gives the Thunder the depth they need to pursue their first NBA Title.

2. The Minnesota Timberwolves are finally headed in the right direction. A young potent offense, led by rebounding machine Kevin Love is OKC biggest threat. Ricky Rubio is morphing into a outstanding point guard poised for a breakout season. If the Various emerging star players are able to function, Minnesota will sneak in to the playoffs.

3. Since Carmelo Anthony’s departure the Denver Nuggets have played the upset role in the playoffs. George Karl has helped developed a core of young players into this seasons dark horse.  Evan Fournier the Nuggets first round pick out of France will make or break there season.  A dogfight between Minnesota and Denver, will determine who finishes second in the Northwest division.

4. The Portland Trailblazers are currently in the middle of a rebuilding season. The right pieces are slowly falling in to place. Portland features a young lineup that is one year away from hitting its prime. The Trailblazers will have to compete with Jazz to stay out of the basement for one more year.

5. The only direction the Utah Jazz will head is up. Utah has the depth needed to be a serious playoff contender. Falling to execute and function, as unit will hold the Jazz back. Competing with the Trailblazers for fourth place is the Utah Jazz’s biggest challenge.

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