My Mind on Sports Biweekly Player Power Rankings: 2/19/13


After all of the All-Star festivities, its time to settle back in to what we’re used to and get ready for the playoffs. There are a few players who are going to perform over their averages in the second half of the season. Some will be for real, some won’t. These player power rankings will help you separate what’s real from what’s not. Hope you enjoy!

This week we have a returning number one and six players have been moved off of the list for this period.

1. LeBron James

LeBron James’ streak of shooting over 60% from the field while scoring over 30 points ended last week against the Thunder. The Miami Heat still dominated the game and James still scored 39 points that night. The only problem was he shot¬†just¬†58%. Oh well.

2. Tony Parker

Tony Parker has literally been a one man wrecking crew for the past 10 games. He’s scored 25.4 points per game and has averaged 9.1 assists over that stretch as well. Parker’s assist to turnover ratio is a staggering 4.6 and his usage is 30.4%. Talk about being productive and efficient.

*Editors Note: Tony Parker was moved from number five to number two

3. Chris Paul

Chris Paul’s absence from the Los Angeles Clippers wasn’t more apparent at any moment during than last week. When Paul returned, the Clippers were just a different team. He’s got just nine turnovers to 46 assists over the last five games and is averaging 16.6 points in that same stretch. The Clippers are also on a four game winning streak.

4. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant didn’t end the pre All-Star break on a positive note losing to the Miami Heat, but he did score 40 points on 12-24 shooting for the ngiht. That also doesn’t erase what he’s done over his last 10 games. He’s scoring 27.4 points per game on 51% shooting and is still on pace to join the 40-50-90 club while leading the league in scoring with over 29 points per game.

5. James Harden

Since we’re on the topic of hot shooting, we’ve got to talk about James Harden. His PER has steadily been around 23.6 all season long and he continues to prove that he’s an efficient scorer all by himself. Over the last 1o games he’s scoring 27.2 points per game to 6.7 assists and 6.0 rebounds. His offensive efficiency has skyrocketed to 116 points per 100 possessions and he’s shooting a booming 68.1% true shooting percentage.

6. Josh Smith

Surely everyone expected to see Josh Smith in the top 10 this week, right? The Hawks have won six out of their last 10 contests and Smith has played a large part in that. He’s probably playing out of his mind to increase his trade value, but still he’s going crazy. Smith is scoring 21.3 points per game over his last 10 while dishing 5.1 assists, grabbing 10.1 rebounds in that stretch, and he’s shooting 46% from beyond the arch while taking 3.2 per game. Wow.

7. Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin has been had his way with teams since Chris Paul came back into the lineup for the Clippers. Griffin has averaged a 19.4 point per game 10 rebound double double while playing only 32 minutes a night. He’s also dishing out 3.3 assists.

8. Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh’s sample size that I’m using isn’t too large, but that doesn’t make it any less spectacular. Bosh has missed only seven out of 30 shots in his last two games. He’s averaged 21.3 points per game and 11.3 rebounds per game in his last three after coming back to the Miami Heat from an illness.

9. Russell Westbrook

Westbrook has averaged 21.9 points per game and 7.7 assists per game over his last 10 contests while shooting 46% from the field. His +13.2 net rating and his 40% assist percentage show us how Westbrook has further developed himself as a player next to Kevin Durant. These two are some combination.

10. Dwyane Wade

Wade has averaged 21.6 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 5.9 assists over his last 10 games. Over his last five he’s had a net rating of 25.8 and has averaged 23.6 points per game. While LeBron has been destroying teams, Wade and Bosh have been eating as well.

11. Kyrie Irving
12. Carmelo Anthony
13. Ty Lawson
14. Stephen Curry
15. Jeff Teague
16. Joakim Noah
17. Kevin Garnett
18. Brook Lopez
19. Al Horford
20. Kobe Bryant
21. David Lee
22. Greg Monroe
23. Jose Calderon
24. John Wall
25. Ryan Anderson

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