General Thoughts 

General Thoughts

in deep thought  The sports world has provided us another stellar week of entertainment. Let’s start off with the NBA playoffs. Several teams bit the dust in the opening round, but no team’s loss was worse than the Brooklyn Nets. Heading into Game 7, All the momentum was on their side. The Nets had won two straight before heading back home for the deciding game. And with point guard Kirk Hinrich, point guard Derrick Rose and forward Luol Deng all out for Game 7, most thought it was a forgone conclusion that the Nets were going to win. Well, someone forgot to tell Joakim Noah that message. The big man out of Florida notched 24 points and was a beast on the boards as the undermanned Bulls beat the Nets. What was so disappointing for the Nets was they were the more talented team. But unlike the Nets, the Bulls played with heart and passion. And until the Nets want to play with some passion, they will still be a team that does not handle business.

The New York Knicks came into their second-round series versus the Pacers with their star banged up. Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony is carmelo anthonyfavoring a shoulder injury and that bears watching going forward. But after this past Knicks game, there will be more to worry about other than Melo’s shoulder. The Pacers came in and muscled the Knicks all day long in route to their 102-95 win in Madison Square Garden. After this game, the Knicks may want to adjust their gameplan. Way too many jump shots were attempted against the Pacers and that is feeding into what Indiana wants to do. The Knicks, and mainly JR Smith, have to attack the basket more than they have. And Melo has to get back to being efficient and not a volume shooter.  The Knicks have some work to do and some adjustments to make, but in the end, it is still only one game.


In baseball, Philadelphia pitcher Roy Halladay’s year keeps getting worse and worse. The veteran pitcher came into the game on Sunday sporting a 8.65 ERA and a losing record. Well after Sunday’s game, Roy now has a shoulder injury to worry about. Reports started to surface that Halladay has been suffering from shoulder discomfort since April 24th. But Halladay never said much about the injury and never once offered an excuse. Hopefully the shoulder discomfort is the issue to correcting his baffling 2013 season. Halladay is getting older and those injuries can derail a career really fast. For Halladay and the Phillies, they better hope that he is able to get back right this year or else he will come to the realization that he is  fighting an uphill battle with age and age never loses.

Terrell Owens has been a Pro Bowler and will more than likely be a Hall-of-Famer when he officially hangs it up as an NFL wide receiver. So in terrell owens bowling the absence of playing football, Owens has picked up a new hobby. Terrell decided to give bowling a chance. The veteran wide receiver out of the University of Chattanooga has joined the United Bowling Congress Open Championship, where he will be playing in a semi-pro bowler tournament.  I for one, am glad that he is doing something to keep himself active. And there is no doubt that he is still in good enough shape to run routes on Sundays. But the problems out weigh the positives in his instance and that is why he is starting a new career. I wish him well, but he brought this ending to himself. Now he has to live with it.



Last but not least, Floyd Mayweather stepped back in the ring for the first time in a year. The flamboyant boxer made his return with hip hop artist Lil Wayne there. Mayweather went in and did not disappoint. His defense was excellent and his timing was precise. His opponent did not stand a chance, even though this was supposed to be a big-time fight. Mayweather won again via a unanimous decision from the judges and his lighting quick maneuvers. Mayweather only further made his case for one of the greatest boxers of all-time. He has a firm hold on the boxing world and is by far the biggest draw for them. It should be interesting to see how he stacks up against the greats when he decides to hang up the gloves.

These are my thoughts and these are my words. Until next time…….

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The General Mike Patton is an up-and-coming writer from Nashville, TN who brings a fresh and non-biased opinion about sports. From his radio experience in Nashville to his time as a sports writer for Free's World, the website for radio personality and former cohost of BET's 106 and Park Free (, The General is definitely one you want to get to know in the sports world. You can catch his work on as well as here on My Mind On Sports . Mike grew up rooting for the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bulls and Chicago Cubs, and remains a passionate sports fan who expresses intelligent opinions.

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  1. I kept falling asleep during the Mayweather fight. I was really bored. Ha.

  2. JD

    I didn’t find the Mayweather fight boring in the slightest. Been a boxing fan for 25 years, so I can still appreciate a technician like Floyd as much as I can enjoy a brawler.

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