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It’s been another great week of sports some big news came from the top high school recruit in the nation, small forward Andrew Wiggins. He had andrew wigginshis collegiate choices narrowed down to Kentucky, Kansas, Florida State and North Carolina as slowly but surely made his decision. Out of these four schools in the mix, the Canadian high school phenom decided to take his talents to the Kansas. And with that, the chase fpr the championship is on between Kansas and championship favorite Kentucky. The Wildcats boast the best recruiting class in the country without Wiggins even there. But when you can pair up wing players Wayne Selden and Andrew Wiggins, there’s going to be trouble for every team Kansas sees this year. Ultimately, he made the best decision for his career going forward. Self is a good coach that helps players develop and grow. At Kentucky he would have started, but he probably would not have got the minutes he wanted with all the supreme talent that is going there. Florida State is a school known more for defense and playing for Leonard Hamilton would have done nothing to help him grow his offensive game. And in the case of Roy Williams, Self may be the better coach between the two. It should be interesting to see how the young man does in college next year. And by the way, Kansas’ odds of winning the national title went from 25/1 to 10/1 with the signing of Wiggins. Now that is impressive.


In the NBA, the Knicks were full steam ahead to start the season. They were winning seemingly all the time and were looked at as a potentialNew York Knicks v Indiana Pacers - Game Three challenger for the Miami Heat. But as of right now, the Knicks are one game away from elimination. New York lost to the Indiana Pacers 93-82 and went down three games to one heading back to Gotham.  The Knicks have now been knocked on their collective heels as a team while Indiana has taken the fight to them. Two of the biggest problems with this team is their dependence on jumpers and their rebounding. In fact, most of their offense comes from three-point shots and they start a small forward(Carmelo Anthony) at the power forward position. And in this series, the Pacers have defended the three-point line and outrebounded the Knicks. In Game 4, the same things rang true as the Knicks went 8-28 from the three-point line and also were outrebounded 54-36. No team can overcome these types of things. For the Knicks to have a shot in Game 5, they must rebound better than they have and also they must find their shooting touch. If neither of the two happen, the Knicks could be closing out the season in their next game at the Garden.

NBA: Miami Heat at Chicago BullsWhile the Knicks are having issues with the Pacers, the Heat have been handling business. After losing Game 1 versus the Chicago Bulls, the Heat have come out and handled their business three straight games. Despite the increased physical play, the Heat have kept their composure and continued to punish the Bulls. But there is level of concern for the Heat even though they are cruising to another series win. Guard Dwyane Wade tweaked his knee during the Game 3 and was noticeably grimacing. He came back in the game and played later, but was not the same guy as before. This could be a huge issue going forward for the Heat are not the same without Wade being himself. but without him, they have more of a chance to be  Heading into Game 5 in Miami, the Heat may want to sit Wade to get him any bit of rest that he can get. The better he feels on that knee, the better performance the Heat will produce when it counts the most. It should be interesting to see how Wade holds up.

In baseball, Bryce Harper is definitely one of the popular young players in the majors. He hits with power and plays hard at all times. harper hurtHe definitely leaves it all out on the field. Recently, he went a little too hard on the field. He was chasing down a fly ball and ran smack into the fence, giving himself a concussion. It is not known how long Harper will be out, but this injury could be one that will linger. Bryce’s effort there is not a question, but he has to learn when to take these types of chances. He is the biggest threat at the plate and can also create havoc on the bases too. No one else really has that type of ability on the Nationals team. Hopefully he learns from this injury and takes the route of caution next time.



melvin ingram In the NFL, offseason workouts were underway for some teams. The San Diego Chargers were especially looking forward to the offseason workouts to get their first look at their retooled linebackers corp. But little did they expect an injury to occur during the offseason workouts. Outside linebacker Melvin Ingram, the Chargers’ 1st round pick from a year ago, tore his ACL and he will now be lost for the year. For a team that is transitioning defensively, this is a huge blow. Gone are the guys like Shaun Phillips and Antwan Barnes to play in that spot, so now it’s up to the Chargers to find someone to fill that slot. He was starting to hit his stride at the end of last season and now he will have to wait one more year to display his talents on the field.


Finally, news broke that former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb plans to officially retire this season. McNabb said that there is donovan mcnabbthe likelihood that the retirement could be announced in September. What’s interesting is the Eagles play against former coach Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs in September. I think that it would be excellent if Reid was present when they made this announcement because of what both of them did for the organization. They took the Eagles to a Super Bowl appearance, countless NFC Championship appearances and also restored the pride in an organization that had fell on hard times. Hopefully when this event happens, the Eagles fans will cheer McNabb. He truly did some good things for that organization and deserves to be praised.

These are my words and these are my words. Until next time……..

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  1. Great stuff Mike,
    Ingram’s loss will definitely be felt, thought he was poised to make a big Year 2 jump for the Chargers. Good for McNabb to leave with the Eagles, hopefully the fans will respond kindly….

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