The “May Day” After

On May 4th, Floyd Mayweather won a 12 round unanimous decision over Robert Guerrero in his first fight in a year. It was a vintage Mayweather performance that as a die-hard boxing fan I love to watch, but will cause casual observers and the many Mayweather detractors to cry over boredom. Here are a few thoughts/questions that I have in the aftermath of “May Day”.

1. No Ring Rust- There were some fans and members of the media who expected Mayweather to have a tough time with Guerrero due to ring rust. They thought that Guerrero would be able to bully Mayweather and make the fight closer than expected. After fighting a flat-footed, slow first two rounds, it looked like those people were on their way to being correct. In round 3, Mayweather began to find his range, and move a little more in the ring. Rounds 4-12, he looked like the Mayweather that some love, and many hate. He landed 41 percent of his punches(including 60 percent of his power punches), while ducking and dodging Guerrero, causing him to land only 19 percent of his punches. After taking more shots than he had taken in years in his fight with Miguel Cotto last May, it was good to see him back to the old Floyd. In the event that he keeps his word, and fights more frequently than he has in recent years, it will be interesting to see if he can take his fight game to another level.

2. No Satisfaction- One of the main themes on social networking was that Floyd Mayweather was fighting “another bum.” This is the same theme most of his detractors sing anytime he fights. The funny thing is Manny Pacquiao can come behind Floyd, fight the same guy, win, and people are dancing in the streets. It is funny how that works. I am not naive enough to act like there are some fights earlier in his career that Floyd left out there, but he is not the first fighter to do that. Mike Tyson was the baddest man on the planet but avoided Lennox Lewis and Riddick Bowe for years. Oscar De La Hoya had a few fights against people who were past their prime or not ready for the big stage. Roy Jones, Jr. is one of my favorite fighters ever, but he had quite a few dud fights with guys who could be considered bums on his resume. So, why is the venom so strong when it comes to Floyd and his choice of opponents? It is something that I am not sure I will ever understand, and leads me to my next question…

3. Who Will Satisfy You?- Floyd is on record that he has five fights left in his career. Enough has been made of who he did not fight, and calling whoever he is currently fighting a bum. So, the question on the floor for his detractors is, who can he fight that will satisfy you? I threw this question out on Facebook. My friends list is about 85-15 Floyd detractors to Floyd fans. No one answered. It is easy to speak out strongly when you see something as a problem. However, please have a solution when you do so. So, please sir, ma’am, let me know who you think will be a good enough opponent for Floyd to fight right now and be considered worthy in your opinion.

4. Channel Change- A few years ago, it became painfully obvious that the 2K Sports was making a move to phase EA Sports out of making NBA video games. 2K started dropping their games on the same day as NBA Live, and at a cheaper price. Then, they started taking some of the best programmers from EA. Eventually, EA succumbed, and stopped making NBA Live completely. It was something that as an EA die-hard, upset me, but in the end it had to be accepted, and I even grew to appreciate the 2K games. I believe that the same thing is happening in boxing when it comes to HBO and Showtime.

Showtime has been in the business of boxing since 1986. The dominate network when it comes to big-time boxing matches however, has been HBO. Mayweather-Guerrrero was the first of a six fight contract that Floyd has with Showtime. That contract, coupled with Golden Boy Promotions not doing business with HBO could potentially usher in a changing of the guard. As someone who grew up watching big fights on HBO, it will take some getting used to. Not hearing Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman, Roy Jones, Jr., and  Harold Lederman on commentary was weird. All due respect to Jimmy Lennon, Jr., but “IT’S SHOWTIME” doesn’t hold a candle to Michael Buffer, and his legendary pre-fight declaration. Call me a creature of habit, but not having the commentary and things that come along with HBO will take a lot of getting used to. Hopefully, when it comes to boxing, HBO does not go the route of EA Sports when it comes to NBA video games. In the event it does, I will hopefully learn to accept it and grow to appreciate Showtime.

Thank you for checking out my thoughts on “May Day”. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

I’m Jimmy Wilson, Jr. and I approve this message.

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