P.I.T.S League 

Nightly Recap June 11th

Game 1

Hot Spaucho vs Team CrazyWear

This was a very intense game on the defensive end from both teams, this was a definitely a lunch pail and hard hat type game. Team CrazyWear played their typical “team” brand of basketball, I liken them to the Spurs in some degree as they have several key scorers they can rely on but at the end of the day the epitomize the term “team basketball.” Hot Spaucho made it known early that they were going to be a tough out by hitting the boards early and often on both ends of the floor. Tariq truly made a difference for Hot Spaucho with his versatile game, he was able to guard both guards and bigs which made a huge impact for his team. Along with his strong effort on the glass, Tariq scored 14 points. Terrance Carter tried to get his team going late in the game, unfortunately it wasn’t enough. Terrance finished with 17 points to lead Team Crazywear. Hot Spaucho won 61-51.

Podium Game: Tariq


Game 2

Rampage vs Team Gas Too High

Can we say Barn Burner? Wire to wire both teams had no trouble filling up the nets, the game hung into the balance until the closing seconds. Rampage got off to a tough start this week, losing their first game. Corey Allmond led them in scoring, but it didn’t equate to a win. Corey was far less assertive to start this game, trying to get his teammates going early. Leon was one of the beneficiaries of this strategy, Leon had 17 points and often scored timely baskets. Corey finished with 19 points, he was far more efficient than he was assertive and it truly helped. This wasn’t a smooth ride though, Team Gas Too High were led by Chris Wright and Boo Jackson. Chris paced Rampage in the first half with 16 points at the half. The second half was all Boo Jackson from a scoring standpoint, Boo was really feeling it to the tune of 41 points. It just wasn’t enough as Team Gas Too High fell to Rampage 79-76.

Podium Game: Leon & Corey Allmond


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