P.I.T.S League 

Nightly Recap: June 19th

Game 1

Team Crazywear vs Rob’s Mob

Rob’s Mob came into this game hoping to keep their record in tact, Team Crazywear had other ideas. Rob’s Mob didn’t have their usual roster, but this isn’t about who was and wasn’t present. Team Crazywear had been struggling of late, they got back on the right track in this one! Curt got going early, he had one heck of a first half while showing off his versatile skill set. Terrance followed his lead by scoring and efficient 26 points, Crazywear won this game the only way they know how: a balanced offensive attack and suffocating team defense. If it weren’t for Domo(33 points), Rob’s Mob may have lost by 20. Crazywear got a huge win over Rob’s Mob to the tune of 95-84.

Podium Game: Curt, Terrance


Game 2

Rampage vs J.T. All Stars

To start the week, JT All Stars had a great win and came into this match up looking to add another. Rampage had different ideas,  JT All Stars got off to a great start. Early on, it seemed like they would run away with this one. Corey Allmond didn’t quite see it that way, he and Pops proved to be a deadly combination. Corey finished with 26 points, once again he came out getting his teammates involved before being assertive himself. This recipe has allowed Rampage to string together two straight victories, Pops got going early and Corey closed the deal. J Dub struggled from the field and for an unknown reason JT All Stars didn’t run the offense through TY. While they were struggling to get good offensive possessions, Rampage closed the gap and overtook them for the win. Rampage went on to win 77-70.

Podium Game: Pops, Corey


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