P.I.T.S League 

Nightly Recap: June 26th

Game 1

Team Gas Too High vs Suburban Coalition

Star Studded Matchup heading into this game and it didn’t dissapoint at all! Suburban Coalition made an early statement in this one by pushing the tempo, scoring in transition, and getting stops. Eric Vann was nothing short of spectacular, he was truly feeling it as he was scoring from any and every available spot on the floor. Vann was aggressive from the opening tip, he was breaking down the defense, finishing on cuts, and winning just about every one-on-one situation he was in. Suburban Coalition couldn’t have asked for a better start to the game, Team Gas Too High is one of the most talented teams in the P.I.T.S League but they have struggled to find consistency. They have had several halves of games where they don’t seem to be fully engaged as a unit, this game started like that once again. The big difference in this contest, their defensive intensity. Blessed with several players that are fully capable of scoring in bunches, their focus on the defensive end was defnitely a surprise. They focused on shutting down the supporting cast of Suburban Coalition, Eric was still on fire as he finished with 43 points. Team Gas Too High climbed back into the game on their efforts on the defensive side of the ball, but they didn’t have any issues scoring either. Boo Jackson led the way with 40 points, he’s currently averaging 36 points per game so it isn’t shocking that he led his team in scoring. What was impressive was how Team Gas Too High buckled down on defense and kept feeding the hot hand on the offensived end while keeping the ball moving. They may have hit a turning point in their season, but time will only tell. Team Gas Too High rallied to beat Suburban Coalition 95-88.

Podium Game: Christian “Boo” Jackson


Game 2

Hot Spaucho vs Rampage

Peremiter Offense was at a premium to say the least, from both teams. Hot Spaucho with their trio of Roach, Carl, and Ra-Ra against one of the leagues premier scorers in Corey Allmond. This game went back and forth as both teams traded punches from start to finish, Roach landing most of those punches for Hot Spaucho. His often reliable jump shot wasn’t falling, so he decided to attack the basket and did so effectively(20 points). Corey continued his new approach, letting his teammates get going before asserting himself offensively. Roach wasn’t the only member of his team that was struggling shooting the basketball, Carl and Ra-Ra didn’t have great games either. The bright spot for Hot Spaucho was Mike, Mike offered a steady hand when things got rough for Hot Spaucho. A veteran on their team, Mike often takes a back seat to his teammates offensively. He has often been the ideal “glue” guy for his team, on this evening his 14 points couldn’t have come at a better time!  Corey didn’t get as much help, but did a heck of a job as his team lost by just three on his way to 27 points. Hot Spaucho defeated Rampage 79-76.

Podium Game: Mike


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