P.I.T.S League 

Nightly Recap: June 27th

Game 1

Rob’s Mob vs Rampage

The back court duo of White Chocolate and Bobby Maze put on one heck of a show!! They controlled the tempo, got teammates involved, led their team to victory, all while making it look easy. Rob’s Mob held on to beat Rampage 125-114 on the strength of their starting back court’s production. It was truly a high scoring affair, while they did win it wasn’t as if there wasn’t any resistance from the opposing team. Corey Allmond did everything he possibly could to not only keep his team in the game, but he tried to win it for them as well. Allmond had his highest scoring output of the season, the most impressive part of this being that it was mostly jump-shots. The 50 points he scored wasn’t enough of a consolation prize as he couldn’t lead his team to victory, Corey is second in the league in scoring at 30.6 points. Great win in an entertaining game by Rob’s Mob as they earned yet another “W.”

Podium Game: White Chocolate & Bobby Maze

Game 2

Made Men vs  Shooting Hoops

This game didn’t turn out to be half as exciting as it looked on the schedule;  Made Men took notes from Suburban Coalition’s victory over Shooting Hoops and implemented some of their own game plan and got a big win! Made Men has shown that they have the ability and personnel to win games in many different styles. While Suburban Coalition flatly outran Shooting Hoops, Made Men did it with defense and unselfishness. They were able to really pressure the primary ball handlers on Shooting Hoops, Ray Rondo & Antoine. Forced them into uncharacteristic mistakes and really pushed their offense out of it’s usual rhythm. “Big” Germ had a huge size advantage in the post and his team did a great job of getting the ball to him. Juice has and always be the barometer for Made Men, his intensity kept his team focused on the task from start to finish, Made Men won going away 86-66.

Podium Game: Made Men (the Team)


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