The Mary Kline Classic Experience

We attended the Mary Kline Classic on Sunday, June 2nd. We had a wonderful experience traveling to Philadelphia University to watch all of the wonderful and youthful talent playing.

There were many notable names there. Those names range from Karl Towns to Justin Jenifer to MiKyle McIntosh to AJ Lapary. They were all very skilled at what they do and have bright futures ahead of them.

It was a pleasure to attend the event that Alex Kline put together for a great cause. For a backstory, you can go to The proceeds to this game go toward the fight against cancer. Most of us know someone who knows someone who has battled cancer, so its really touching.

We apologize to all of the recruits that we interviewed. We lost our footage of the many interviews that we had. We look forward to meeting you all again in the future and we will make sure that we get your interview on our site and in the minds of our viewers.

Its recommended that if you can attend this event, you do. It is incredibly fun and exciting. Until then, take a look at these dunks to hold you over:

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