P.I.T.S League 

Week 1 Results

At the end of every week in this year’s P.I.T.S League Season, we’ll look back at the results: Team Records, High Scorers, Video Highlights. So let’s take a look back at this week’s action!


Rob’s Mob: 2-0

Team Crazywear 2-0

JT All Stars: 2-0

Hot Spaucho: 1-1

Team Gas Too High: 1-1

Suburban Coalition: 0-1

Shooting Hoops 0-1

Rampage: 0-1

Made Men: 0-1

Team P.I.T.S: 0-2

High Scorers

1. Boo Jackson 42 Points

2. Bobby Maze 34 points

3. Pat the Roc 31 points

4. TY Newman 28 points

5. Corey Allmond 28 points


That’s all for this week’s coverage, look for more of the same coverage for the remainder of the season. Hopefully we’ll have some video highlights for you at the end of next week’s action!!

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