P.I.T.S League 

Week 3 in Review

Only three days worth of games this week as the NBA Finals Game 7 was played on Thursday, never the less here are your standings after this wee as well as the single game high scorers!!

East Standings

  1. 5-1: Rob’s Mob
  2. 3-2: Hot Spaucho
  3. 2-2: Rampage
  4. 1-2: Shooting Hoops
  5. 1-3: Team Gas Too High

West Standings

  1. 2-1: Made Men
  2. 1-1: Suburban Coalition
  3. 3-2: Team Crazywear
  4. 3-3: J.T. All Stars
  5. 0-3: Team P.I.T.S


Top Scorers this Week

  1. Folarin Campbell: 35 points
  2.  J Dub: 34 points
  3. DJ: 33 points
  4. Domo: 33 points
  5. Boo Jackson: 31 points


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