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Welcome back to another edition of King’s Court! The sports week has once again flew by us, but not without giving us some topics for discussion. I would like to thank each and every one of you who read this, whether you read it weekly or this is your first time. I appreciate anyone and everyone who reads what I have to say. So without further ado, court is now in session.

Adam Morrison Goes Back to School

Adam Morrison

Adam Morrison has decided to retire from the NBA and head back to Gonzaga to finish his degree. He will also be a student assistant for the men’s basketball team. The NBA is not cut out for everybody to be successful and Morrison is no different. Not to disrespect Morrison, but it’s the truth. He barely developed into what many scouts thought he could be and he was hardly healthy. This happens more often than not, but at least he has other options. I think this will be a good deal for Morrison, who was the 2006 Co-National Player of the Year and the Third overall selection in the 2006 NBA draft. He will serve as a good mentor for these young college athletes who aspire to one day be in the NBA. He will have a boatload of knowledge on dealing with college and preparing for the NBA. This is the best option for Adam Morrison at this time, I wish him the best of luck.

Cowboys Stadium gets Renamed

Cowboys Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys and AT&T have agreed to a partnership in which will change the stadium name from Cowboys Stadium to AT&T Stadium. According to University of Texas at Dallas marketing expert Abhijiti Biswas, the “Next big thing” is the second-screen viewing experience. Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones certainly knows how to generate revenue and has struck a very lucrative deal here. The Cowboys were worth $2.1 billion last fall according to Forbes, but that will likely be higher this fall. I never thought I would see the day that Cowboys Stadium got a name change, but the deal makes sense from a financial standpoint. The wireless technology will be a big revenue maker for the stadium. Jones has said he wants AT&T Stadium to be better known than the White House, but we all know that won’t be happening. Whether he said this with the intent of making this dream a reality or just to say something does not matter. He knows he has made one hell of a deal. Now he has to focus on his team as they will look to rise above mediocrity and make a deep playoff run.

Lefty Takes the Open Championship

Phil Mickelson was brilliant in his final round of the Open Championship en route to winning and raising the Claret Jug, golf’s oldest prize. Lefty shot a final round 66, including a back-nine 32. He birdied his last six holes and needed just 26 putts in the final round. Mickelson completed the third leg of his career Grand Slam with his 5th Major. Here is an interesting question that has been going around this week: Going forward, who will win more Majors, Tiger Woods or Mickelson? A few years ago it was a no-brainer in saying Tiger Woods, but now it isn’t as easy of a question. In the past five years, Lefty has won two majors while Woods has failed to even win one. I do know one thing, if it ever comes down to a Major with Tiger vs Lefty on the final day, many pairs of eyes will be glued to that. Congratulations on the win, Phil.

Derrick Rose Claims he is the Best

Derrick Rose

When Derrick Rose was asked in a recent interview who the best player in the NBA was, he answered with “Derrick Rose,” without hesitation. That is a great statement for his confidence, but he is wrong. There is this guy; you may have heard of him a time or two before, who is the best basketball player on the planet. His name is LeBron James. I respect Derrick Rose and his comments, but he has to prove it to all of us. To quote the famous Ric Flair, “To be the man, you have to beat the man.” James is the reigning, defending two-time NBA champion, Finals MVP, and League MVP. We haven’t seen Rose in action in well over a year. He was cleared to play in March after recovering from ACL surgery, but we did not see him at all last season. What kind of competitor with the confidence of Rose would want to sit out and watch his team in the playoffs? Not only will Rose have the obvious pressure to play like the former 2011 MVP he is after surgery, but he will have the pressure of these comments riding on his shoulders. He is a player who can take it, but can he overcome it? We will have to wait and see.

Percy Harvin Might be on the Shelf

Percy Harvin

The Seattle Seahawks did not open up camp in the best of ways. Wide receiver Percy Harvin, who was a big acquisition in the offseason, has suffered a hip injury. Head Coach Pete Carroll has not ruled out surgery yet, but says the team is taking it step-by-step with Harvin, making sure they can get him healthy by the start of the season. Harvin has a possible slight tear in the labrum of his hip, according to’s Ian Rapoport. This could potentially be a huge loss for the Seahawks, who look to make some noise and a big impact this season after the success they had last season. If the city of Seattle wants to see its team win a championship, they will need Harvin healthy. Here’s to a healthy and speedy recovery.

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