Should Yasiel Puig be an All Star?

Over the course of the last month, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the baseball world have been abuzz with the arrival of Cuban defector Yasiel Puig.

The talk around the league is whether or not Puig should be an All Star this season, even though he’s only played in 32 games. There are players and managers who feel he has not earned his spot, while others feel he should be on the National League team for his star-power alone.

The decision as to whether he plays or not is out of Puig’s hands. The fans have all the power in this situation with the final fan vote ballot, so the fate of his All Star roster spot hangs in the balance until Thursday.

The 22-year-old rookie phenom has been on fire since being called up about a month ago. In 32 career games, Puig is batting .409 with 19 RBI and eight home runs. He has an OBP of .437 and has racked up 52 hits, including 16 multi-hit games.

The kid is not only making it happen at the plate, but also in the field. He shows great range with speed to match. His cannon-like arm makes him a lethal weapon in right field, where teams tend to utilize outfielders with the best arms.

The All Star Game is supposed to be a fun exhibition for the fans to see their favorite players. The game means a little bit more due to the winning team receiving home-field advantage in the World Series. Puig is one of the most exciting players in the game today.

Pundits and fans alike have asked whether Puig can sustain this success throughout the remainder of the season, but that shouldn’t matter in this scenario. He is playing phenomenal baseball and has helped the Dodgers climb back into the National League West race. The impact on the Dodgers, as well as the entire league, is indicative enough of his talent.

Should Yasiel Puig be an All Star?

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  1. MLB needs Puig in the game. PEDs are dominating the news again. Puig is fun and a good story. And a lot of us on the East Coast never get to see him play. Here is what I wrote about it this weekend.

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