King's Court 

King’s Court

Welcome back to another edition of my King’s Court. If you are reading this, thank you. This past week of sports provided us a good amount to talk about. The Dodgers stayed red-hot, sparks flew at Fenway, more A-Rod talk, a week closer to the NFL season much more. Without further ado, Court is now in session.

SportsCenter “My Wish”

At the end of the summer, ESPN’s “SportsCenter” runs a series called “My Wish.” This series teams up with the Make-A-Wish foundation and shows the sports related wishes children get to make. These children go through numerous surgeries and complications along their way to potentially beating whatever handicap they may have. Year in and year out this is the best series ESPN produces. The joy these kids get to enjoy with their favorite athletes is heartwarming. For one day, their dream comes true. No matter what illness they have, they always put that past them for at least that one day and hold that memory for the rest of their lives. Athletes do these type of things each and every day, but most go unnoticed. When ESPN runs these videos of these kids getting to hang out with their heroes, it’s hard not to hold back tears.

Little League World Series










Going along with good things ESPN does that involves children is the Little League World Series. ESPN airs the LLWS each year and it is an awesome thing to watch. A few of the kids go on to be baseball stars, while others go on to be successful in other aspects of life. The world tournament is always fun to watch, especially when you get to see the teams from the United States compete against the best little leaguers from around the world. The kids display so much passion while having a great time playing, interacting with all the other players and ESPN personalities create great memories. I got to experience the South East Regional final last year and that was awesome. I have yet to make it to Williamsport, Pennsylvania to watch the LLWS, but one day I will get there and enjoy every minute of it.

WWE Superstar Comes Out

darren young

Last Thursday TMZ showed a video of World Wrestling Entertainment star Darren Young admitting he was gay. He is the only wrestler on the WWE roster to be openly gay. Good for him, this is a positive step forward for Young. His colleagues and bosses are in full support of his decision to publicly share his lifestyle. Popular figures within the sport Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon (Vince’s daughter), Triple H, and John Cena are among the many names that have shown their support for Young. Those are four pretty important people in the WWE. His decision to come out will be show younger people who are gay that it is alright to live the lifestyle you wish to live. I’m happy for Darren Young.

Zach Hodskins


Billy Donovan, the head basketball coach of the Florida men’s basketball team, has offered a roster spot to Zach Hodskins. Now you may be wondering why this is a big deal, as kids get offered scholarships and roster spots daily for various sports. However, Hodskins is not your typical high school basketball player receiving and offer. Hodskins was born without the lower part of his left arm, due to a birth defect. He refused to let that hinder him, Hodskins has made a name for himself as a pretty good basketball player. This is awesome and a great gesture by Donovan. Hopefully Hodskins can attend Florida or anywhere else he desires and can have a successful career. Good luck, Zach.

Fantasy Football

It’s that time of year again where people from around the world take part in fantasy football drafts. Some leagues are worth money, while others are just for the sake of bragging rights with buddies. There are veterans in the fantasy world as well as rookies new to the game. So as you prepare for your upcoming drafts, if you haven’t drafted already, here are some helpful tips. First off, wait until the very last round to select a kicker. There are 32 starting kickers and all are capable of putting up decent fantasy points. Second, know the rules to your league. Make sure you draft accordingly to how you league is set up. For example, if your league is a point-per-reception league, make sure you draft guys who catch the ball quite a few times a game. Lastly, go with your gut. You will come to a crossroads at some point in your draft on which player you should take. Go with your gut feeling on that, especially if they are two players who put up similar numbers. Good luck to all of you this upcoming fantasy football season.

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