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Thoughts of the Day

Today’s Edition includes last night’s Yankees-Red Sox game (mainly A-Rod’s hit-by-pitch), the Eagles’ QB battle, and Wayne Rooney possibly leaving Manchester United. Let’s do it!

  • The Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, pretty tame over the past few years, boiled over again last night. After John Lackey’s comments on Alex Rodriguez and the Biogenesis scandal, many thought Rodriguez would be plunked over the weekend. However, it wasn’t Lackey who hit the Yankees lightning rod third baseman, it was Ryan Dempster. Video below:

[youtube id=”0TxQSYWu61I” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Emotions and opinions were obviously running high after A-Rod was hit. Joe Girardi(who was tossed for arguing after Dempster wasn’t ejected), said after the game that he wished Dempster had to hit, implying that the Yankees would have hit Dempster in retaliation. Yankees fans took to social media to call the Red Sox “classless”, while Red Sox fans (and fans of the other 29 major league teams) celebrated Dempster’s bold statement. My thoughts on the at-bat are pretty simple. I commend Ryan Dempster for standing up for what he believes in, and doling out the baseball justice he felt was necessary. This was obviously premeditated, and he did what every major league pitcher has wanted to do since they heard Rodriguez would be appealing his suspension and playing the remainder of the season. As for Girardi’s ejection, I do not think an ejection was warranted in that situation, but people are interpreting the situation wrong. I’ve heard a lot of people applauding Girardi for “sticking up for A-Rod”; that’s not why Girardi came out so quick to argue. When an umpire warns both sides after a hit by pitch, the manager of the side that got hit is going to argue every time, because that takes away the inside of the plate for the pitcher. CC Sabathia had to be careful from that point on because if he hit a Red Sox batter, intentionally or unintentionally, he would be thrown out of the game. No one in the Yankees dugout was protecting Rodriguez, they just wanted Dempster out of the game so the Red Sox would be forced to go to the bullpen early.  After the first pitch, which could have warranted a warning, I don’t necessarily blame Girardi for wanting Dempster thrown out. But as for the actual hit by pitch, there was nothing “classless” or unjustified about it; that’s baseball, and Dempster did it right, hitting Rodriguez in the ribs rather than anywhere near the head.

  • As for the actual baseball game, A-Rod got his revenge with a clutch homer off Dempster in the sixth. But it was Brett Gardner’s triple, and the odd bounce it took off the right field wall that confused Shane Victorino,  giving  the Yankees the lead. Gardner is one of the most essential parts of the Yankee lineup and New York needs him to keep hitting if the Yanks are going to get a wild card spot. From a baseball standpoint, Dempster hitting A-Rod sure didn’t help the Red Sox, because a 2-0 lead became a 2-2 deadlock pretty quickly. Dempster didn’t have his best stuff, and his control was lacking. Sabathia continues to have problems with his lack of a fastball, but the bats helped him out in this one.

  • The Philadelphia Eagles have hit the critical point of their quarterback battle, all eyes are on Michael Vick and Nick Foles heading into Thursday’s preseason game. Against Carolina in week two, both signal-callers threw a pick, and neither threw a touchdown (Foles ran for a score). Vick looked a little sharper with a 90% completion percentage, while Foles had a 75% clip, but Chip Kelly has yet to give the number one slot to either man. While there is no official winner yet, I cannot imagine Chip Kelly, with his no-huddle, speedy offense, giving Nick Foles the nod. Vick may be getting older in age, but the speed and quickness is still there, when Vick is out there, Desean Jackson is more lethal at the wide receiver spot. If you go with Vick you get high-risk, high-reward; with Foles you get low risk, but not much reward. If Philly hopes to contend in the NFC East, they have to go with the quarterback that gives them the greatest potential in the win column, and that’s Mike Vick.

  • In European soccer, one of the biggest stars may be on the move. Wayne Rooney of Manchester United is reportedly going to Chelsea FC in the transfer window. While this would be big news three years ago, it’s not as much of a shock in 2013. Rooney is not the player he used to be, and he’s been coming off of Man U’s bench because he’s not at the fitness level of his teammates. He’s hurting team chemistry by telling the press how excited he is to go to Chelsea every chance he gets, and if you’re Manchester United, you need to get rid of him as soon as possible. Take the extra money you get selling Rooney and use it to buy some great young talent that can help you become a dynasty once again. Wayne Rooney is old news by now, and the future is now in the English Premier League.

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