Let the Overreactions Begin

Week one of the National Football League season is officially in the books and what a first week it was. There were four safeties in the first quarter in four different games. Peyton Manning went nuts on the Baltimore secondary. The Eagles new offense was crazy fast, in the first half.

This week 16 teams won and 16 teams lost. The funny thing about that are the overreactions of the fan bases of these teams. Some feel the season is over for their respective teams, while others think their team is going to win the Super Bowl. The fact of the matter is its only week one. There are still 16 weeks left and 15 regular season games for every single team.

As long as I can remember watching the NFL, I don’t recall a team ever hoisting the Lombardi Trophy after week one. Also, no team has ever been completely out of the running either. However, many fans across the country have been overreacting since opening kickoff on Thursday night.

Teams are going to have concerns after each week, no matter what week it is. I saw on Twitter and Facebook by many people that the Pittsburgh Steelers’ season is over after losing center Maurkice Pouncey (torn ACL/MCL), linebacker Larry Foote (ruptured biceps), and LaRod Stephens-Howling (torn ACL). While these injuries are unfortunate for the Steelers, the season is far from over.

Speaking of Pennsylvania teams, the Eagles new high-tempo offense looked tremendous for a half of football. The team ran 53 (yes 53) offensive plays in the first half, but cooled down in the second half with only 24. I saw on Twitter someone say that the Eagles were the class of the NFC after the first quarter. What a gigantic overreaction.

The Denver Broncos were handed the Super Bowl by some after Peyton Manning tied an NFL record with seven touchdown passes. While the Broncos are a legitimate threat to the title, many things could happen from now until then.

Every single NFL team faces disadvantages week in and week out. Some teams will overcome those obstacles and still be successful, while others will fall into a top 10 pick. Regardless of what happened in the first week of the NFL season, nothing is set in stone.

So please, whatever you do, don’t overreact after Week one.

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