The Seat Gets Hotter for Lane Kiffin

There might not be a hotter seat in the country than that of Lane Kiffin. His University of Southern California Trojans are off to a 1-1 start. Kiffin has taken a ton of blame for the lackluster start for his football team. This is not the first time Kiffin has been on the proverbial hot seat. This all stems back from last season, when USC went from preseason Number 1 to unranked by season’s end. USC simply collapsed and played poorly.

In college football a coach gets the majority of the blame as they are the ones who are employed, not the athletes. This isn’t the NFL where if a player doesn’t succeed as a player you are left without a job. For coaches, it is entirely different.

Kiffin wasn’t dealt the best hand when he signed with USC in January of 2010. The football program was penalized by the NCAA for Reggie Bush being ineligible for receiving money and places to stay from sports agents in San Diego. The school was hit with a two-year bowl ban and a loss of 30 scholarships over the course of three years. That isn’t exactly what will land you the top recruits. In fact, you lose out on a lot of players due to the lack of scholarships. If that wasn’t bad enough for Kiffin and USC, juniors and seniors were eligible to transfer without sitting out a year to anywhere they wanted.USC lost a handful of players due to this.

In his first season he led the Trojans to an 8-5 record, but it all amounted to nothing as the team was ineligible for bowl play. The next season was even more bitter=sweet for Kiffin and the Trojans as the team finished 10-2, but were once again ineligible for bowl play. The team couldn’t even play in the Pac 12 title game despite posting a 7-2 record in the conference.

Last season Kiffin found himself in some hot water before the season began as he voted for USC to be the preseason Number one in the preseason polls.  He was eligible for the first time to be a part of the coaches who determine the preseason rankings. Then the downfall happened.

This season the Trojans started things off with a 30-13 victory over Hawaii. Last week was a completely different story. USC lost 10-7 to visiting Washington State. The fans at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum were booing Kiffin for a poor performance from his team. Many fans were calling for his firing during the week following the loss.

Kiffin will lead USC into battle this week against visiting Boston College. If Kiffin wants to keep his job, he better start with a win this weekend. If USC loses, the seat will continue to get even hotter for Kiffin.

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