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Thoughts of the Day: September 19th

It’s Thursday, there’s football tonight, and tomorrow is Friday. Sounds like an awesome day for Thoughts of the Day! Today’s big discussion topics are Andy Reid’s return to Philadelphia and the Trent Richardson trade.

  • Tonight’s Chiefs-Eagles Thursday Night Football matchup has a lot of hype surrounding it, the most notable storyline being Andy Reid’s return to Lincoln Financial Field. It’s Reid’s first trip to Philly as visiting coach, and it’s sure to be emotional for the man who patrolled the home sideline for 14 seasons. The game will be great in itself, but the interesting thing to me will be how Reid is received tonight by the fans. There are two types of Eagles fans; 50 percent of the fans love Andy for his accomplishments as head coach, which include a Super Bowl appearance and 130-93-1 record. The other 50 percent dislike or even go as far as to loathe him for the fact that he simply didn’t do enough in his tenure. The Eagles had some great teams in the early 2000’s, but they could never get that Super Bowl championship. Is that enough to boo the man? For some. But it would be nice to see the fans, who have booed everyone from Santa Claus to Donovan McNabb, give the man an ovation for 14 memorable years.
  • That was quick. Trent Richardson was traded from the Browns to the Colts yesterday after just one season with Cleveland. The Browns get a first-round draft pick in exchange for the young back from Bama. I’m going to preface this section by acknowledging that I understand why the Browns would want another first-rounder. Their thinking is that if they can tank enough to get the first or second pick in the draft, they can select Jadeveon Clowney with that pick. Then, with Indy’s pick, they can pick up the franchise quarterback they’ve been searching for the past decade and a half (Johnny Manziel anyone?). However, to get that pick they gave up the one player they definitely should have kept. Richardson would probably be the number-one back for half of the teams in the NFL within two years, so this was another mistake by the lake. What part of his game did Michael Lombardi look at and decide it was time to give up on him? It’s not like the Browns had no other way to get a franchise QB than dumping their franchise running back and replacing him with Willis McGahee. Clowney is a phenomenal player, but they could have traded down, drafted Johnny Manziel, then drafted another great defensive end like Scott Crichton, and still had Trent Richardson. Johnny Football and Trent Richardson? That’s a winning combination for years to come, especially since the defense isn’t bad as is. I’m not going as far as to compare this trade to The Fumble or The Decision, but I can’t help but think of Marshall Faulk. A young Faulk was ironically traded by Indy to the St. Louis Rams, and what followed was a Hall of Fame career. Faulk’s case was a bit different, but the bottom line was the same: the Colts gave up on him at a young age and he burned them. I cannot help but see this happening again with Trent Richardson.

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