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Post Game: Marcus Derrickson & Glen Farello

Talking to Georgetown commit Marcus Derrickson last weekend, you get a feeling that he is all about getting better as a player and person. Derrickson is a big man that is really versatile and can do a lot of things on the court. At a Team Takeover Event, Derrickson was balling right out of the gates for PVI Panthers as they went against Montrose Christian. He did struggle a little at the beginning of the game, but once that second half started for him, things started to come natural. Derrickson finished with 19 points and 6 rebounds. 12 of Derrickson points came from the charity sprite.


“I think I played ok, I could have gotten more rebounds I feel like and attacked more,” said Derrickson. “I waited for opportunities, it was a congested offense I really couldn’t get anything but a lot of people .

The Panthers were down at halftime 33-29. This is the first time they’ve been down at halftime, but the second half they really got going and so did Derrickson. The Georgetown commit got inside the paint and was getting to the line. Derrickson was asked what was the difference between the first half and second half. His response was indicative of the way they played and the run they went on in the second half.

“We just wanted it bad, we didn’t want to lose,” said Derrickson. “We just had the will to win and it kicked in, we did not want to lose. They hit a half-court shot at the end of the half; we were pretty pissed off about that. We just had a killer instinct; we knew they couldn’t stay with us so that. We just had a killer instinct; we knew they couldn’t stay with us so we just stepped on their necks early”

The Press that the Panthers ran in the second half was really what caused Montrose to lose the game. PVI really likes the Press. All the players on the team knows that and it was effective.

“They played the same the first and second half,” said Derrickson. “It was us. We were slow to attack, we couldn’t figure out their defense early. Eventually we figured it out but we just weren’t attacking we were a little lackadaisical. We were settling instead of attacking and trying to get offensive rebounds”

Also, Derrickson spoke about his relationship with the coaching staff. Derrickson will fit in well with Georgetown’s style of play. His mentality is something that John Thompson will love.

“I think it’s going good,” replied Derrickson. “We have a special team and a lot of good players, people off the bench who could give us good minutes, and I feeo we could have a very special year”

Micheal Bohlin of “hoyas247″ noticed that a lot of the Hoyas coaching staff was at Dematha in the evening. Derrickson spoke about the relationship he has with the coaches at Georgetown.

“I have a really strong relationship with them,” said Derrickson. “I love all the coaching staff at Georgetown, they’re great guys and they’re always giving pointers to get you better all the time. I really like that about them, they’re really encouraging. I came out here, committed to Georgetown, and I just wanted to play hard. No matter what, I am going to play hard because that’s the Georgetown mentality”

Head Coach Glen Farello talked about  the game and the job Derrickson has been doing. Marcus did win the hard hat tonight and coach Farello explained why.

“Marcus got the hard hat award tonight because he brings so much toughness to the team,” said Farello. “He was 12-13 from the line so he wasn’t afraid to get down and mix it up, he had six rebounds in the second half alone. I thought we were able to establish a lot of things with Marcus. He brings such toughness along with that skill. That combination, when you have that kind of size, when you have that type of toughness but also the skill to be able to play and that’s what I think makes him so special.

Derrickson will be playing with Tre Campbell who is also part of  the Hoyas 2014 Recruiting Class in a few years. Look out for that combination because the Hoyas might be a dangerous team that will put people on the edge of their seats because of what they’ve been doing during the recruiting season and getting players from the DMV.


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