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Georgetown’s Interest Rising in Josh Reaves

If you weren’t at the Paul the Sixth(PVI) game vs Gonzaga game, you missed out on an exciting game. The Panther’s (PVI) student section was filled from top to bottom. Although the Eagles record is bad, they did make it interesting game.

The Panthers feature 2015 Marcus Derrickson, who committed to Georgetown and another class of 2015 player in Josh Reaves. The Hoyas are showing a lot of interest in Reaves and he has caught the eye of many Division 1 schools. Reaves showed off a lot of his athleticism in a win over Gonzaga. The score of the game was 69-47.

Reaves finished with 17 points and the win, but one play caught the eye of everyone in the gym. Evan Taylor threw the ball of the backboard and Reaves caught the ball and slamed it for the dunk. They were in transition when the play happened and it really showed how close the players are. I caught up with Reaves and he talked about the play. Also, the game.

“I just thought I came though in the flow of the offense,” said Reaves. “We just got to the offensive end off defensive rebounds and we just ran. We have a lot passers and unselfish players on this team so things just worked out well for me.”

Reaves was out for a couple minutes in the third quarter because he started bleeding from his forehead and was forced to leave the game. He was in the  locker room for a few minutes and returned to play. One of the reporters asked him about that specific play after the game.

“Pump fake, got the man in the air and I took a dribble into him and he fell and elbowed me in the top of the head,” replied Reaves. “It hurt for a little bit, I had blood coming down my face. I don’t think it affected me a lot, it just took me out of the game for a little bit and when I went back in I just gave the same effort.”

Reaves is really growing into a player that D1 schools are starting to like. His junior season is going well, I’ve seen him play a couple times this season. He brings a lot of excitement to the game and plays very good defense. When the Panthers where down in Florida for the City of Palms, Reaves made the all-tournament team. The Panthers one loss came at the hands of Montverde.

“I think it’s going pretty well,” said Reaves. “My confidence has gone up since last year and everything’s just working out for me. My shot’s been going in recently so everything’s working out.” Reaves still has the four same offers. A lot of people are expecting his offers and interest to go up. “I still have the same four offers, said Reaves. “Villanova, VCU, Temple and Penn State.”

Georgetown has not offered Reaves yet, but expect him to get an offer soon. Reaves teammate Derrickson has already committed, but it seems like it the Hoyas are also trying to recruit Reaves. Georgetown already have two players that will be coming in that played for Team Takeover. Tre Campbell is coming in the class of 2014 and Derrickson in 2015. Reaves has been to two Georgetown games this season, he talked about the tradition at Georgetown and what he likes about it.

“There’s a lot of tradition at the school, said Reaves.

“There are a lot of NBA players that have been through there. I’m going to the games to see how they play and how they could fit me maybe in the future.”

Kevin Brodus, who is recruiting Reaves was in attendance at the game with Hoyas starting  point guard Markel Starks. He had his eyes on  Derrickson as well. Reaves is building his own relationship with Brodus, even though his parents have one with the assistant coach.  Reaves talked about it at the end of the game and how the relationship came about.

“Funny thing is I think he went to either college of high school with my mother so that’s how I kind of built a relationship with him,” said Reaves. “We just started talking from there and he had a job at Georgetown so he started recruiting me there.”

The Panthers are 9-1 and Reaves is averaging 12.4 points per game. He is really explosive and can attack the basket. Nor does he shy away from contact. Reaves can make plays above the rim and boasts a good jump-shot, for an athlete he is very productive in the half court.




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