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2014 MLB Predictions

It’s that time again, baseball is back! While it seems like the World Series was just yesterday (time really flew this offseason), it’s been 151 days since Koji Uehara struck out Matt Carpenter at Fenway to give the Red Sox their eight championship.

It was a busy offseason, with hundreds of moves being made and many familiar faces finding themselves in new places. Which teams are poised to make a run in October, and which teams will be out of it by July? Who will be holding up the trophy when it’s all said and done? Let’s do it!

AL East

  • 1. Boston Red Sox. Jacoby Ellsbury bolted for New York, but the additions GM Ben Cherington made, along with the core of the team still intact, should be enough to keep the defending champion Sox on top of the East.
  • 2. Tampa Bay Rays
  • 3. New York Yankees
  • 4. Baltimore Orioles
  • 5. Toronto Blue Jays

AL Central

  • 1. Detroit Tigers. Even with Prince Fielder’s departure, the Tigers are still the class of the Central. The rotation is still the best in the AL, Miguel Cabrera is still Miguel Cabrera, and the supporting cast is still one of the best in the majors. Detroit will win the Central once again.
  • 2. Cleveland Indians
  • 3. Kansas City Royals
  • 4. Chicago White Sox
  • 5. Minnesota Twins

AL West

  • 1. Oakland A’s. The rotation is taking a hit with Jarrod Parker and A.J. Griffin out, but Sonny Gray and Scott Kazmir will hold up the fort. Josh Reddick needs to have another great year if the A’s are going to outlast the likes of the Rangers and Angels.
  • 2. Texas Rangers
  • 3. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  • 4. Seattle Mariners
  • 5. Houston Astros

NL East


  • 1. Washington Nationals. The Nats have the most depth in this division. Their pitchers haven’t blown out their arms yet (knock on wood), and Bryce Harper leads the most powerful lineup in the NL East. Look for Strasburg to come back in style, Doug Fister to be worth the money, and Washington to win 95-plus games.
  • 2. Philadelphia Phillies
  • 3. Atlanta Braves
  • 4. New York Mets
  • 5. Miami Marlins

NL Central

  • 1. St. Louis Cardinals. The National League representatives in the 2013 World Series kept most of their core together (only losing Carlos Beltran and David Freese) and continue to have an incredible rotation. Michael Wacha is a Cy Young candidate, and Kolten Wong will be a pleasant surprise.
  • 2. Cincinnati Reds
  • 3. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 4. Milwaukee Brewers
  • 5. Chicago Cubs

NL West

  • 1. Los Angeles Dodgers. With the league’s biggest payroll comes the league’s biggest expectations. Matt Kemp will live up to the challenge as he leads this phenomenal lineup and continues to mentor Yasiel Puig. Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher in the NL, and the bullpen has enough depth. Look out for LA.
  • 2. San Francisco Giants
  • 3. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 4. Colorado Rockies
  • 5. San Diego Padres



  • AL MVP: Mike Trout, Angels
  • NL MVP: Matt Kemp, Dodgers
  • AL Cy Young: Justin Masterson, Indians
  • NL Cy Young: Stephen Strasburg, Nationals

World Series Prediction

Dodgers defeat Tigers in 6 games

I’ve got the Dodgers. Let the season begin!

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