You Can’t Coach Effort

The definition of the word effort is work done by the mind or body : energy used to do something, a serious attempt to do something, something produced by work. Effort is needed for most things in life, especially sports.

In sports, the athletes that are competing should always bring the effort to the competition, whether it be in individual or team sports, especially professional athletes. These world class athletes are being paid millions of dollars to play a game, the effort should always be there, but it’s not. With that said, effort doesn’t necessarily mean success.

Teams or athletes can bring all the effort in the world and sometimes that isn’t enough to get the job done. These things will happen during the course of any season, no matter the sport. For as great as Michael Jordan was, he wasn’t great every single night. He is human and had bad games. That doesn’t mean his effort wasn’t there, just not he results. There are times where you bring the effort, but the opposing team brings just a little more effort and beats you. But to bring absolutely no effort to the building or arena is absolutely inexcusable. If you weren’t going to bring 100 percent effort, why even make the trip and just stay at home?

Coaches, more so in the collegiate and professional ranks, tend to get most of the blame for a team’s lack of success. There are times where the coach is to blame from various things such as play calling, personnel, etc. The players don’t get as much blame as the coaches in most instances, but the absolutely should. If the players don’t bring 100 percent effort to the game, they should be held accountable for it. Coaches can only say and do so much before it’s time for the players to do their part. Once the game has begun, it is up to the players to play better than the opposing team. Sure, coaches can call the plays and bark the orders, but it is up to the players to execute the game plan.

Multiple things can act as the catalyst for lack of effort. The biggest catalyst of them all is losing, plain and simple. From a young age, most people who want to be athletes want to be the best and win titles. In order to achieve the greatest success of them all, a championship, you have to win. Nobody likes to lose and losing can get extremely tiresome and tolling on player or team. It happens a lot in the MLB, NHL, and NBA as those leagues have longer seasons. It certainly happens in the NFL as well, only over the course of a 16-game schedule, which leaves even less margin for error. The NBA and NHL have 82-game schedules while the MLB plays 162 games per team.

Last Thursday the Denver Nuggets hosted the Brooklyn Nets at the PepsiCenter, a game which was televised on TNT. The night before, the Nets lost to the Portland Trailblazers by 44 points. The Nets went on to beat the Nuggets 112-89 in a game where the Nuggets scored only eight first quarter points and at one point trailed by 38.

At the half, Charles Barkley, an NBA Hall of Famer and analyst for Turner Sports, called out and questioned the effort of the Nuggets. He said that Brian Shaw, the Nuggets head coach, could only do so much before he chastised the Nuggets’ effort or lack thereof. In the case of the Nets, he praised them for being able to put a 44-point loss behind them to come out and do whatever they felt against the Nuggets.

A lot of people thought Shaw had a good chance at succeeding in his first gig as an NBA head coach. That isn’t the case, at least for this season. Denver currently sits 11th in the Western Conference with a record of 25-34 and 10 games behind the eight seed. The team has lost six straight and nine of their last 10. After the embarrassing performance against Brooklyn, this team has some serious evaluating to do in terms of the effort they bring to the games.

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