NBA Wizards 

Who would’ve Thunk it

If, before the season, you would’ve told me that the Washington Wizards would be the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference, I would’ve agreed with you. They were on fire during the second half of last season after John Wall’s return and had an elite defense to back him up. Bradley Beal didn’t get a chance to fully blossom, the… Read More

Donald Sterling is just the Beginning

Yesterday afternoon was when Adam Silver truly started his tenure as the NBA commissioner. David Stern’s mark on the league will forever be remembered through the money generated through television deals and the cleanup of drug use throughout the league. Stern was seen as an authoritarian during his reign as the commish. He gave the players a dress code they… Read More

NL Central Update

The NL Central has been a whole lot better than people thought it was going to be, they have been a ton of fun to watch.  Between the Pittsburgh-Milwaukee brawl and the stellar pitching, this division has been pretty entertaining to say the least. The Division has baseball’s best team up to this point and no, it’s not the Cardinals, Reds,… Read More