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Troy’s Take: Redskins- Browns

Browns 23 Redskins 24

• Hocker has the stronger leg for the 10,000th time … wouldn’t mind keeping both him and Forbath on the 53. Using Kai as the field goal specialist
• RG3 did a good job scanning the field/ keeping his eyes moving/ took some unnecessary hits/ not a natural slider
• Saw a flash of the 2012 RG3 on a rollout, Mingo had the angle but RG3 was able to beat him to the spot and turn up field
• RG3 was 6/8 for 112 yards, one interception (late with delivery/ not a clean pocket *Helu missed an assignment) and one sack
• Also liked Griff’s use of the hard snapcount… refs called two tick tack falst starts though… will need to switch up snapcount for week one vs. Clowney/ Watt
• Sloppy fundamentals by Morris on a fumble
• As a whole offensively need to convert more long drives into touchdowns (4 turnovers)
• I like Amerson’s physicality … made a nice tackle to force a 3 and out
• Defense as a whole was solid but the Browns are a team in flux on the offensive end, don’t know how much you can take from this game. Next week in the dress rehearsal vs. Baltimore will be a better test.
• Rambo and Breeland were both impressive
• Thought Haslett called a pretty good game as well, loved how he mixed up the sets on third downs
• Kerrigan playing like a possessed man this preseason
• Wide receiver depth is incredible… would love to keep Robinson, Moss and Grant
• Rashad Ross (WR) also flashed again this week in the return game and had a big reception for 43 yardsRashad Ross
• RB depth looks good as well … My guys behind Morris in order 1. Helu 2. Seastrunk 3. Redd 4. Royster
• Refs took over the game/ almost made it unwatchable / 21 penalties total for 154 yards
• Player of the game: Rashad Ross (2 kick returns for 64 yards and one catch for 43 yards).


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