Training Camp: Day 3 Observations

I had the opportunity to attend training camp this week and lets just say I was thoroughly impressed. Walking onto the court and seeing the team fully focused on shooting drills was a bit eye-opening. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to tell you the Wizards in the past were not serious in preseason, but the atmosphere and feel in the air only meant one thing. Wins. Lost of them. Training camp is usually a time players use to get back in shape and kind of get the “summer ball” rust off and get back into NBA mode.

Within the first few minutes of being there, I noticed that everybody was locked in. From the vets to the preseason pick-ups, were all pushing each other and strengthening the bond within the team. One thing that was very interesting to see was Drew Gooden and Kris Humphries participating in a three point contest.

Woah Woah Guys …Relax they will live in the post its okay

Drew Gooden and Kris Humphries were participating in a three-point contest for fun but did inform media that according to coach Wittman, he wants everybody to be comfortable. Don’t know exactly what that means, (Well I do, just nervous to see the big man shooting three’s so i wont speak it into existence) but overall the coaching staff is preparing for everything. The morale between Paul Pierce and the young guys are also on the “up and up”. It seems that the young guys are really taking a liking to Paul Pierce and did i mention how much weight Paul Pierce lost?!

Training camp from my viewpoint was surely great to watch but what was more important to view was the camaraderie players have among each other. That type of respect between the players will go a long way this season and will more importantly build on last years success. Another factor that was very mind boggling to me was the growth of John Wall.

Here is a phenom we’ve followed for years and watched grow into the superstar we see on the tube, but what was surprising to me was the leadership role he was taking. Everything he said related to the postseason. There was no type of “What If’s” in his answers. Everything was direct and straight to the point, especially when asked about postseason expectations and the inevitable Dion Waiters spat.

Like Coach Wittman said, every little thing counts and John Wall was a sure assurance of that. It will be very interesting to see how the Wizards do this preseason with their first game against the Bulls on Monday.

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