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The Cleveland Indians’ Corey Kluber is the 2014 AL Cy Young Award winner.

That’s right Corey Kluber, not Felix Hernandez.  The announcement shocked the baseball world as many expected King Felix to win his second CY.  The award seemed to be going to the King for sure; I mean why wouldn’t he win it? He led the AL in ERA, WHIP, BAA, and was second in Innings Pitched.  Plus we cannot forget the ridiculous 16 game stretch he went on of allowing two runs or fewer while going at least seven innings.  He went 15-6 with a 2.14 ERA and 214 strikeouts. The credentials are those of a CY winner.

Don’t get me wrong, Kluber’s numbers are highly impressive as well, ending with the most wins (18) and strikeouts (264) in the AL.  Kluber was also dominant down the stretch during Cleveland’s playoff push.  Kluber won his last five starts posting a 1.12 ERA while striking out 54. This stretch very well could have put him over Hernandez in the voting process.  He is also the first AL pitcher with a sub- 2.50 ERA and at least 260 strikeouts since Pedro Martinez in 2000- per ESPN.

Both candidates were very deserving of the award, look at their numbers and there is no denying that. There is also no denying that King Felix is the best pitcher in the AL and right behind Kershaw in the whole league.  That title was established throughout this year.

Kluber beat Hernandez in a tight race beating him 169-159, receiving 17 first place votes while Hernandez received 13.  Hernandez will be known as the King for years to come, but at least for today, there is a new King.

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