Redskins hit “Reset”…RG3 benched

Last night, a little after 11 pm Eastern to be exact. Everyone’s favorite NFL Insider, Adam Schefter dropped a bomb on social media.


If you didn’t click the link in the tweet, you might want to revisit that decision. After coming off a game in which Griffin was battered early and often, Washington is choosing to sit their franchise quarterback down. The initial reaction by most on social media was that it is time to fully declare Griffin a bust, but it may be premature to do so.

The Redskins have failed to build a proper NFL roster for some time now, hitting reset at this point may be the best thing for them. This also happens to coincide with the first year in quite some time that the team will actually have their full complement of draft picks in this upcoming draft. The last time Washington had their full allotment of picks was when they made that huge trade (could be seen as costly) to go up and acquire Mr. Griffin.

While much of the attention surrounding this news is about the production on the field, that shouldn’t be the main focal point. This went wrong far before then, go back to when Robert was drafted and who he was entrusted to. It’s quite understandable that schemes are sometimes watered down for first year quarterbacks, that some staffs like to keep things simple so the player can establish a comfort level. Then feed them more and more until they are able to run they offense as needed, rarely does a first year QB master the job, including the greats.

Everyone remembers that first year Robert had in Washington, the team was amongst one of the most explosive offenses in the league. Griffin was exciting, dynamic and unstoppable until he got hurt in a playoff game against Seattle. What may have been overlooked during that exciting first season was the non-development that was taking place. Robert was essentially running a souped up college offense in the NFL, it caught defenses off guard and he and Alfred Morris tormented opposing units.

Like most professional sports, it just takes time for opposing teams to adjust and that’s when you find out whether an offense is sustainable or not. The exciting Redskins offense was nothing more than a fad, once defenses decided to punish the QB on every option play, the damage was done. Robert hasn’t been right since, it’s actually just gotten worse at every turn. Eventually leading to the outing of the first coaching staff to ever get their hands on Griffin, while that was largely positive, there was something few realized. How much they set the young QB back, his first professional offense would be with his second head coach.

That happening in a year in which he was coming off an injury wasn’t too alarming, until everyone found out that Gruden would be installing the West Coast offense. That offense on it’s own account, usually takes a few years for a QB to grasp. That is why the Redskins immediately signed Colt McCoy in the offseason, he’s been in the system since college.

It should be no surprise that Griffin has struggled to master the nuances of this offense, but it is interesting to see just how raw the young man still is at the position. The reset is not only needed for the franchise, but for him as well.

This could turn out to be a great move for both parties, let Robert sit and be able to work on his fundamentals behind closed doors. It can’t get any worse than it already is, give him the remainder of this season and the entire offseason to get fully acclimated in the offense. Than give him a chance to earn the job back, if he’s able to pick up the schemes, his talent can finally take over and the Redskins will have their guy under center.

Meanwhile, the Redskins should focus on building the team around their QB. Whether it be Robert or someone else, that offensive line is horrible and it needs to be addressed. The defensive coordinator should be let go as well, things usually don’t go well when the front office decides to hit “reset” but there are several members left from the previous regime.

Try not to be quick to judge, if Robert has the talent to play in this league than this will be the best thing that happened to him in his young career. If not, than Washington is in a great position to identify “their” guy and move forward. No matter what happens in the coming weeks, this move can’t be declared good or bad until the start of training camp next year.

Do you think RG3 is the future for the Redskins? Or should they cut their ties and move on? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!!


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