Redskins: Mid-season check in

The Washington Redskins are 3-6 through nine games, which shouldn’t be anything new for Redskins fans. This marks the fourth consecutive year the Redskins have started the season 3-6 and the seventh time in 11 years. Nine games is a lot to digest, let’s look back at some things that went right and some that went wrong.

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles

What went wrong:

1. Injuries

If it wasn’t RG3’s dislocated ankle it was Jordan Reed’s hamstring or DeAngelo Hall tearing his Achilles… twice. You never want to blame struggles on injuries because every team goes through its fair share but the quality of players who have missed time for the Redskins has made an impact.

2. Offensive line

One… two… three… Quarterback down. It’s hard to establish any sort of rhythm as an offense when the quarterback is on his back half of the time. The Redskins are tied for 23rd in sacks allowed and the run game, which Washington has hung its hat on in past years ranks 19th in yards per rush (4.1). Tom Compton has already leapfrogged Tyler Polumbus in the depth chart don’t be surprised if Chris Chester and Shawn Lauvao are next to join him on the bench.

3. Garcon/ Roberts

Desean Jackson has done more than enough but Pierre Garcon and Andre Roberts have left a lot to be desired. Garcon leads the team with 42 catches but has only had one game with 100 receiving yards or more. Roberts has only posted 25 catches for 266 yards. Hopefully, having RG3 down the stretch will translate to more production for the two.

4. Brian Orakpo

I thought players were supposed to play their best during contract years? Orakpo, who tore his right pectoral muscle did the exact opposite. In the seven games he did play he recorded a half of a sack.

5. Media leaks

Redskins just can’t escape controversy. Can’t believe I’m saying this but DeSean Jackson seems like the real leader of the Redskins. I hoped the media leaks would leave with Shanahan but even during the bye week, Washington was surrounded by controversy.

What went right:

1. DeSean Jackson

Jackson has not only been a leader in the locker room but he’s also been the most valuable player on the field. Jackson has 11 catches this year of 20 yards or more which is four more than anybody else on the roster. He also has 784 receiving yards despite only catching 36 passes (21.8 ypc).

2. Bashaud Breeland

Add me to the list of people who were concered about the state of the cornerback position when DeAngelo Hall went down. However, Breeland has done a lot to ease my concerns. Breeland in just nine games has surpassed Amerson as the best corner on the active roster. Don’t believe me? Go back and watch how well he defended Dez Bryant on Monday Night Football!


3. Tress Way

It’s a bad season when the punter is getting this much love but hey there’s not too much good to blog about when your team is 3-6. Way has settled the punter position and has the Redskins leading the NFL in average yards per punt with 49.4 yards.

MVP through nine games: DeSean Jackson

Least Valuable Player through nine games:
Brian Orakpo

What to watch over the next seven games:

1. RG3’s development

2. The young cornerbacks against top recievers like Vincent Jackson, Dez Bryant, Reggie Wayne and Anquan Boldin

3. How Jay Gruden leads over these next seven weeks

4. Can Trent Murphy be a starting OLB?

5. Has Jim Haslett made any adjustments during the bye week


Week 11- Tampa Bay- Win

Week 12- At San Francisco- Loss

Week 13- At Indianapolis- Loss

Week 14- St. Louis- Loss

Week 15- At New York- Win

Week 16- Philadelphia- Loss

Week 17- Dallas- Win

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