‘Black Monday’ Entertaining in Washington

The 2014-2015 NFL Season just ended for the Washington Redskins and while they haven’t yet lost a coach on “Black Friday”, their offseason is off to the usual dysfunctional start. While there have been issues with the media and organization for the past few years regarding leaks, there has also been evidence of there not being a clear cut line between the two at times. So many things have been aired in that locker room where in other franchises they are considered “in house”. At least it wasn’t anything involving RG3, well at least anything he said.

A perfect example of this happened just a few minutes ago on twitter between DeAngelo Hall and NBC’s Dianna Russini. She tweeted:


Hall, who’s been out for the season with an achilies injury took notice of the tweet and responded.

Not a big deal, it actually was pretty respectful. Cousins is under contract next season and that is out of his control, Hall’s comment about the level of play was spot on as well. On a team with a different culture, this isn’t a big deal and wouldn’t be remotely news worthy. That is, until a member of the local media chimed in….

Why not just stay out of it, to each their own. Russini’s interjection brought on this response from Hall:

Hall is one of the few true veterans on the Washington roster, it doesn’t seem as if he’s coming from a place of malice. They are trying to change the culture in Washington, unfortunately it seems that the same issues continue to come up. The local media is obviously around the “home” team more than the national media, but shouldn’t there be a limit to their involvement?

I’d love to hear what Washington Redskins fans think of this exchange today or their thoughts on the issues in Washington over the past few seasons. Please share your comments below!

*** Update***

Kirk Cousins has clarified his statement via Lake Lewis, a Redskins Insider:

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