Perfect timing, Kevin Durant returns

The Oklahoma City Thunder new that the start of the season would be tough and they would have to weather the storm, the 2014 Most Valuable Player would miss a good chunk of games.Everyone was anxious to see how the polarizing figure that is Russell Westbrook would do as lead dog for the Thunder.

Per Anthony Slater of the Oklahoman, the Thunder and the league will be getting one of their marquee players back tonight.

Russ got off to a great start and the team had some ups and downs as expected, but then he got hurt. A few of the younger players that would be expected to step up in Durant’s absence went down as well with injuries in Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb. That led to one of the better teams in an ultra competitive Western Conference being just 5-12 at this point. OKC is just 3-7 in their last 10 games, but they are currently on a two game win streak. Westbrook (32 points, 8 assists last game) just returned to the line up recently and now they get KD back, while he’s expected to be on a minute restriction, it’s still Kevin Durant.  

The Thunder are 10 games behind the Conference leading Memphis Grizzlies, a win against the Pelicans tonight would definitely help them on their trek back to the top four in the Conference. How much has Durant’s absence impacted the Thunder? They are currently 30th (90.9 ppg) in scoring and 29th(18.8 apg) in assists this season, last year they were 5th (106.2 ppg) and 13th (21.9 apg) respectively. If the Thunder have both of their best players back on the floor, these numbers should improve exponentially.   

The return of Durant should get this team back to where it belongs, amongst the top four teams in the best Conference in the league. One of the few positives in the absence of Durant was the growth in Perry Jones III, it will be interesting to see what Coach Brooks does as the season goes on regarding having both extremely tall wings in the game together.

While everyone remember’s Kobe Bryant being placed at 40 on the ESPN NBA Rank before the season or where John Wall was placed, do you remember where KD was ranked? He was 8th, because he was injured even though it was expected for him to play at least 60 games this season. Keep that in mind as you tune in tonight.

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