AFC’s Wildcard Weekend: Five Thoughts

The first weekend of Playoff football has passed, two teams advanced and two teams went or stayed home. This week will be the Divisional round, but for now, let’s discuss what happened. Here’s five things that I took from the two contests.

No AJ Green, Huge Problem – The Bengals….it just seems that they can’t get over this ‘hump’. Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis have lost yet another playoff game, they are 0-4 in their attempts together. Lewis has lost his last six postseason contests. The Bengals last postseason victory came in January of 1991.

Luck takes a step – Andrew Luck had a great game against the Bengals, the most important number was 0 in the turnover column. As brilliant as he has been in his young career, Luck has a penchant for turning the ball over. He made great decision after great decision last weekend and that played a huge role in the Colts moving on into the Divisional round. He went 31 of 44 for 376 yards in the air with one touchdown, the biggest key was his yards per attempt. The Colts were trying to win the game, Luck averaged 8.5 yards per attempt to Daltons 4.4.

Return of Joe Cool – A few years ago, everyone went crazy about the contract extension that Joe Flacco received after leading the Ravens to a Superbowl win over the 49ers. Hardly anyone thought he was worthy of that large contract, specifically the guaranteed portion. Flacco is two different people, the regular season QB in which he’s pretty average, then the postseason QB. That guy (Joe Cool) is amazing, the Ravens are tied with the Packers all time for the most road wins in NFL history (75). The Ravens are the team no one is looking forward to playing in the postseason, for whatever reason they usually have the guy under center that plays better this time of year.

T-Sizzle – The Baltimore Ravens lost a Hall of Fame linebacker in Ray Lewis several seasons ago, well they still have one more. Terrell Suggs continued his dominating postseason play against the Steelers. His interception was amazing, he pretty much corralled the pass with his legs. Sizzle tallied six tackles, a sack, and an interception as the Ravens beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh during the postseason for the first time in franchise history.

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Matchups – The contests in the Divisional round will be great!! Andrew Luck and the Colts taking on their former “franchise’ in Peyton Manning, the Broncos and Colts should be fun. That is as long as Luck and company don’t turn the ball over. That other game will be pretty entertaining as well, the Ravens are one of the few teams that have had New England’s number this time of year. ‘Tom Terrific’ will be facing a disciplined Ravens defense and ‘Joe Cool’ and company will be facing Revis Island and Brandon Browner. Can’t ask for more!!

What did you take away from Wildcard Weekend? Share your thoughts below!!


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