NFC Wild Card Weekend: Final Thoughts

Dealing with so much scrutiny from a season ago, the Cowboys defense can finally say they know how to stop giving up a game in the end.  A year ago, the Cowboys would have wilted under the early scoring downpour that the Detroit Lions put on them early in the first quarter yesterday.  And just like they have done for the past two years let Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson go down to steal a win from their grasps.  Though there are a bunch of “no names” on this defense, Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Rod Marinelli has got these defenders playing with a reckless abandon.

On the other side of the ball, it seems that Tony Romo has figured it out.  In years past, he would have found a way to give the away with a fumble or an interception.  Instead of a winning touchdown pass in the redzone it would have been an interception to kill the drive and the hopes of Cowboy fans.

Though the Detroit Lions kept DeMarco Murray under 100 yards rushing the Cowboys did what they have done for most of the season which is finding a way to stay in the game and giving themselves a chance to win.  You couldn’t say that in years past.

What I took from this game

1)  The offensive line can be exploited when it come to pass protection , giving up 6 sacks yesterday

2)  Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams are coming on as key assets in the passing game

3) The defense is becoming more and more stout at the right time

4) Tony Romo has learned not to lose a game

5) There are controversial calls in every game, some are more poignant than others it’s how you respond them that makes the difference…Detroit didn’t.

You might feel bad for the Cardinals but fate was not on their side this season.  The loss of two of their quarterbacks led to their collapse at the end of the season and the playoff game against the Carolina Panthers.

Ryan Lindley did what he could to try and win for the Arizona Cardinals but he isn’t what they need to lead them.  Two fourth quarter red zone interceptions by Lindley brought Arizona’s chances of a comeback come to a screeching hault.

What I took from this game:

1) Lindley is still going through the growing pains of being an NFL quarterback and that he will always be a backup

2) Cam Newton is back and ready to lead the Panthers despite the scare from car accident and hurt back

3) The Panthers are better than what their record shows, you are not always as bad as your record may state

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