It’s Time to Focus Less on Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is arguably the most well-known golfer in the world today. This is due in large part to when Woods was dominating any golf course on the planet. Let’s fast forward to 2015 and it’s not the same Tiger Woods we were once accustomed to watching. He shot the worst round of his professional career with a second-round 82 at the Waste Management Open in Phoenix, Arizona this past weekend. Woods has not been the same since his life took a turn for the worse back in 2009. Since that infamous November night, Woods’ golf game and top star stature began to fade. After the worst round of his career and the current state of his golf game, it’s time to focus less on Tiger Woods.

When Woods was in his prime, conquering any and all courses in his sight, the question used to be Tiger Woods or the field. That might seem a bit over-the-top, but at the time of his dominance, it was a legitimate question. Woods used to be the favorite in all the events he played in, but those are the days of yesteryear. Woods was revolutionary in his prime, but is now a shell of himself. Taking the focus off Woods will allow for another golfer or various golfers to take the spotlight. It seems as if all the pressure mounts up and gets to Woods and it translates to how he plays.

Whenever the nightly sports highlight reels air golf highlights, it starts off with how Woods did, and then shifts focus to the rest of the golfers who are playing the event. This needs to stop. Sure, when Woods is winning, it’s fun to watch, but what about the golfers who are  actually winning Majors and big events while Woods struggles time and time again? Those guys are prime and ready to go to burst out as the next face of golf, but that spot is currently held by Woods by default. Woods gets more attention than most of the other golfers if he his swing looks good. He could be out of contention and that is what most highlight reels will air. A couple of swings? Really?

Woods used to be automatic on the greens and now he two and three-putts. His short game isn’t much better as his chipping game looks horrendous. His driver has gone away from him over the last year. He is often times hitting out of a tough lie on the course, yet, the media is still clinging on to what used to be of Woods, hoping that he can be the golfer he once was. It’s not out of the question for Woods to turn his play around and get back to being dominant, but he is a long ways from the red Nike polo being feared on Sundays. Woods was once cruising on his way to Jack Nicklaus’ record for most Majors, but those talks are being put on hold, at least for now. Woods’ last Major victory in 2008 put him at 14, trailing Nicklaus by four. The adage used to go it’s not a matter of if Woods would break the record, but when. Now the axiom is the complete opposite, with everyone wondering if he can win just one more event, let alone five more Majors to break the record. Not only is Woods chasing Nicklaus’ record for most Majors, but also the record for most PGA Tour victories. Woods, who sits at 79 career wins, trails Sam Snead, who has 82 career victories.

Tiger Woods will look to bounce back from his career-worst round and move one step closer to the all-time wins record this weekend at a place he is all too familiar with, Torrey Pines. Woods has won eight events at Torrey Pines, including his last Major, the U.S. Open in 2008. If you are in the betting game, it’s likely not a good idea to bet on Tiger this weekend as he is still working on the mechanics of his game with new coach Chris Como. The golf coverage of the week thus far has been Woods working on his game. For the time being, there needs to be less focus on Tiger Woods.

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