Rose to have surgery, return is questionable

Late last night, the Chicago Bulls announced that Derrick Rose has a medial meniscus tear in his right knee. An MRI confirmed that and it is certain that he will have surgery. What isn’t certain is how big of an injury this is, whether this is a minor procedure that will have Rose return this season or if it’s a major issue that will end his season.

Rose has been up and down with his play and production this season, but he’s been on the court. That’s what has been the most important piece of this puzzle, he’s been on the court. Rose had played in 30 of the last 31 games, the news of his injury came after Rose noticed soreness in the knee after a light shoot around yesterday.

According to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune, per a source of his: Rose was told that a second tear could happen. In that scenario (if this is in fact all this is), Rose would either have the meniscus cut or removed a la Russell Westbrook or Dwayne Wade, both of which had it removed. Wade’s procedure was done in college, Westbrook’s in the NBA.

Josina Anderson (has a background in track) of ESPN brought up a great point on twitter last night, the rehab process. No one here is a doctor but it does make sense. Anytime an athlete suffers an injury, major or minor, they tend to physically over compensate for said injury. Which in turn puts them out of line or their body’s alignment is a bit off. If a player goes through the entire rehab process and that balance isn’t restored, it’s almost as if they are on borrowed time.

Adrian Peterson of the Vikings and Chris Harris Jr of the Broncos are two additional examples of how important proper rehab is. They came back balanced and stronger, neither has had a setback in terms of an additional procedure. Again, this isn’t an indictment on Rose, simply sharing examples of how the quality of rehab plays a huge role in conjunction with the actual medical procedures (surgeries).

While many are ready to put Derrick Rose in the Brandon Roy, Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady group of young talents whose careers were ravaged by injuries, it’s still too early to determine that. If this is in fact something that was expected as KC Johnson’s source indicated, this is a minor blip on the radar and the Bulls will have their franchise guy back for the playoffs.

If it is of the major injury variety, we hope that Rose has a great recovery. Speedy isn’t more important as a great rehab, if it takes some time and he comes back stronger and balanced than it’s worth it. It would be devastating for him to rehab and return knowing that the ‘work’ wasn’t done right as Grover mentioned above. Rose has something none of those players mentioned above had, it’s 2015 and medicine and technology are both significantly advanced when dealing with these types of injuries.

Wish you a great recovery and hope that it’s nothing major wrong D. Rose!! What were your initial thoughts when you heard the news last night? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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