The Ascension of Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors are the best team in the NBA this season. The team from the bay is led by the Splash Brothers, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Curry is considered amongst the best point guards in the entire league, while Thompson is ascending as one of the best two guards in the game today. Curry receives the majority of the attention for MVP talks, but Thompson isn’t too far behind.

Thompson is coming off arguably the greatest quarter in NBA history as he finished the third quarter against the Sacramento Kings on January 23, with 37 (!) points going 13-13 (!), including 9-9 from beyond the arc. He finished with 52. Those are video game-like numbers and even on a video game that is hard to accomplish. George Gervin, who held the previous quarter record with 33 points, thinks there should be an asterisks next to Thompson’s achievement due to the fact that when he scored his 33, it was a year before the three-point line was implemented. But in today’s game, the three-pointer is vital to success. While Gervin’s 33-point quarter is highly impressive, the fact that Thompson didn’t miss takes the edge in this one.

Thompson averages 23 points per game this season, with fellow Splash Brother Curry right behind him at 22.8 points per contest. The duo averages 46 of team’s league-best 111.1 point-per-game. Golden State is 36-7 on the season and at one point were getting people to ask the question of whether or not they could be better than the ’96 Chicago Bulls who went and unprecedented 72-10. The Warriors likely won’t end up with the record, but it’s been fun to watch thus far. The combination of Thompson and Curry is one of the most lethal in the entire league. Golden State coach Steve Kerr – who was a part of that ’96 Bulls team – thinks his backcourt is the best in the NBA. He may be right with that statement. This stirs a lot of debate, but there is no denying that the Splash Brothers are up there with any backcourt in the NBA.

There is a lot of talk on who the best two-way player is in the league and amongst the shooting guards. Thompson’s name is in the mix on both accounts. Not only does he score the basketball, but he can also defend the basketball. He proved last year he can guard opposing team’s point guards, to take a little of the pressure off of Curry and to give him a little bit of a breather. He can also guard his shooting guard counterparts. Being able to play on both ends of the floor at a high level is something every player covets to do and Thompson does just that. He handles the ball well, can create his own shot, can get to the rack well and can also be viable in getting Curry open looks. With such a devastating duo, it’s hard for most teams to defend that. Sit back and enjoy the ascension of Klay Thompson.

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