‘The fight the people want’ happens on May 2

It’s official, the fight the people have been clamoring for will actually happen. Mayweather-Pacquiao will take place May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“I am very happy that Floyd Mayweather and I can give the fans the fight they have wanted for so many years” -Manny Pacquiao

The public has been waiting for this fight to happen for more than five years, boxing isn’t as popular as it’s been in prior eras. That is why this fight has to happen, it’s the two best fighters in the sport, in the same weight class and they’ve never been in the same ring. Yet, they’ve fought many of the same opponents during that span.

Only fueling the public’s demands of seeing them fight each other, fans and analysts would have to compare the fights of common opponents do try and decide who is the better fighter of the two. It’s just impossible to do, they are polar opposites as fighters so the only way to determine who was the best….is for it to be settled in the ring.

Pacquiao will come into the bout on May 2 with a record of 57-5-2 (38 KOs), the lefty is known for his speed and power, more importantly, he’s a hunter in the ring. Manny is often the aggressor in every fight he’s in. His promoter, Bob Arum has a past history with Mayweather and believes that Pacquiao is the perfect opponent, fully capable of putting the first blemish on Floyd’s record.

“The reason I like my guy’s chances so much is because of his speed, the tremendous number of punches he throws, the quality of his punches and the fact that he is left-handed. I remember two fights he had with southpaws who didn’t have the ability Mann has but who gave him trouble – (DeMarcus) ‘Chop Chop’ Corley, who buzzed him and had him in real trouble and Zab Judah. – Bob Arum

Mayweather is also known for his speed, but even more known for his defensive style of fighting. He’s a boxer who has a talent for not getting hit, his defense is an art. He’s the ultimate counter puncher, wanting opponents to give ‘chase’ which often leads to them leaving openings as they are trying to land punches. Mayweather is a surgeon, he’s a master of the comp-u-box. He’s made a living of only throwing punches that land and getting his opponent to throw a ton of punches with a very low landing rate. Floyd comes into this bout with a record of 47-0 (26 KOs). It’s quite possible he’s never faced an opponent like Manny.

“I am the best ever, TBE, and this fight will be another opportunity to showcase my skills and do what I do best, which is win. Manny is going to try to do what 47 before him failed to do, but he won’t be successful. He will be number 48.”- Floyd Mayweather

The negotiations weren’t just between the fighters, but HBO and Showtime will offer a joint pay-per-view option for the fight, both in standard and high definition. The bottom line is the fight is finally done, now it’s just time to sit back and wait to see what happens on May 2.

Are you surprised that the fight is happening? Who do you have winning, leave your thoughts below in the comments section below!!

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