Brandon Marshall to the Jets

While no signing or trade is truly completed until Tuesday, March 10th at 4pm Eastern, the Bears just agreed to a huge trade. Per multiple reports, the Chicago Bears have traded Brandon Marshall to the New York Jets for a mid-round pick.

Marshall is owed $7.5 million this season, but the Jets have more then enough cap room to absorb that hit.

When this trade goes through on Tuesday, should nothing change, the Bears would have gotten rid of most of the ‘loud’ voices in their locker room in Marshall and Briggs. The question on everyone’s mind is if Jay Cutler is next?

John Fox made it clear that nobody was truly safe or too big to get in the way of what his regime plans to accomplish in his opening press conference.It may not have been in those exact words, but it was clear that changes would be a coming in Chicago.

For the Jets? Not exactly a negative in getting a productive receiver to a struggling offense, it will be interesting to see how the personalities in that receiver group mesh. Thats Marshall, Decker, Kerley and possible a rookie receiver via the draft. Geno Smith will not have an out this season regarding his performance, it can’t be due to a lack of weapons.

What do you think of the trade, did the Bears do the right thing? What about the Jets?

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