Dallas wins the Hardy sweepstakes

The Dallas Cowboys were reportedly in a three team race to acquire the now former Panther pass rusher Greg Hardy aka the ‘Kracken’. The other two teams in the Hardy sweepstakes were the Seattle Seahawks and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Seahawks were ruled out earlier, leaving Hardy with a decision between the Bucs and Cowboys. Then the Tampa Bay General Manager said that his team was no longer interested in acquiring such a player. Leaving no other competitor for Dallas, Hardy spent the night in Dallas and the deal was done no more than an hour ago according to Dianna Russini, than confirmed by Pro Football Talk.

The one year incentive laden deal makes sense for both sides, especially if Hardy has a good year. He’ll be given a chance to get back on the open market and earn a big payday as a member of the free agent class of 2016. Hardy is still on the commissioner’s exempt list, the league has yet to dole out his punishment for the upcoming season. It can be anywhere from one to six games, he played just one game last year and recorded a sack after missing the remainder of the season. The ‘Kracken’ has accumulated 34 sacks in his career, his two best seasons being 2012 and 2013. The Cowboys defense struggled to make game changing plays last season, even with the possible suspension they’d be getting a tremendous upgrade to their defense. A 26 year old game changing pass rusher in their prime and it won’t hurt their pockets at all if he doesn’t play up to ‘Kracken’ standards.

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