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Rolfe: ‘We’re not too far away’

I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Rolfe yesterday for a short chat, the team is ready to face the Galaxy tonight at RFK stadium. The game starts at 7pm EST, Rolfe is also the first in line for limited player posters the team is offering at home games this season. Rolfe plays a key role on this team, he’s a big part of the attack as he’s often one of the few that takes his time on the ball. He does a great job of ‘combining’ with teammates to create scoring chances for others as well as himself.

What DC has to do in terms of the attack to have success against LA’s back line

It’s a very good defense. I think that if you look at last weekend, we showed some signs of combining well and creating chances. I think that’s a positive that we can take from that game, but it was a very young defense we played last weekend. It’s going to be challenging, but I think we’re going to need a lot of movement up top and also runs from deep are going to be very important for us.

On he and Pontius decision last week to switch positions for a short stretch

I think that’s something that having an experienced team like this, I think Ben trusts us to make those decisions in the game. I think last week it did help us, it kind of threw them off a little bit, help me get some chances, put Pontius in good spots as well. In terms of feeling comfortable doing that, Ben gives us the green light to kind of do what we want out there at times and he trusts us which is huge.

How far the attack is from optimum performance

We’re not too far away, I think at the beginning of every season most teams struggle in the final thirds, defensively and offensively. That’s one of the biggest issues coming into the season after a long offseason. Lot of that has to do with the fitness level, as we continue to progress and get fitter, the quality will pick up in the final third and the defending third. I think that’s probably the biggest issue right now, so I don’t think we’re too terribly far away, having said that we’ve only played two games so far. I would think by sometime in April, we should start clicking a little bit. Obviously when forwards get a goal, it helps everybody. As soon as we all start knocking on the door, get one or two in, than everyone gets confident and it kind of snowballs that way.

Thoughts on DC’s set pieces to this point

I  think we’ve paid a lot of attention to set pieces in terms of training and scouting the other teams. It’s another issue that we think we can potentially  get something against LA. We’ve got some bigger bodies, Steven is great in the air, Chris is great in the air, Bobby is great in the air, even Nick DeLeon is very good in the air if you get him a good service. We definitely have some dangerous pieces going forward on set pieces, haven’t quite connected yet but it’s only been two games.

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