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Birnbaum: ‘Feeling good and ready to go’

DC United has continued to get healthier as the season has gone on, they could be getting one of their starters back soon in Steven Birnbaum. The centre back went down about six weeks ago at the start of United’s game against the LA Galaxy, DC went on to win the game and Birnbaum has been out since. Kofi Opare has stepped up and done a good job in his absence, still it can’t hurt for the Black-and-Red to get back one of their key pieces. With Birnbaum done rehabbing and now considered fit, he should return to the field any day now. He sat down with the media to talk about the progress he’s made and the matchup against Orlando.

On how he feels

About a full week and a half of training now, just trying to get back into it. Feeling good, ready to go.

Where’s his fitness at, could he return in a starter’s capacity

I think it’s a little bit different, conditionally. Obviously centre backs don’t run as much as midfielders and forwards and I guess its hows in all the stats. I think when you first get back into it, fitness does play a part, but I think that’s what this past week of training was. Even when I was hurt and we were still working on it, even if I wasn’t running, I was doing other things. So, we’ve been working on it and almost probably good to go. Just kind of waiting on the call.

On if that ‘call’ be tomorrow or on Sunday

I don’t’ know, the team’s doing well right now. I think they have a good rhythm and I don’t there’s a need to disrupt it right now. Just want to be there to help the team out whenever I get called on.

On being patient in the rehabbing process

It’s obviously been hard, I think it took longer than I expected originally. I kind of had my sights set on four weeks, it just didn’t happen so I think the six week mark was more realistic. Now it’s been past six weeks, I feel confident that I can play and whenever it is, I’ll be ready.

On perception that DC United doesn’t play a pretty brand of soccer

Personally, I’d rather win than play pretty soccer. If you play pretty soccer and lose, than it doesn’t really matter. I think at times we can be better, obviously on the field, but we’ve had a good group of guys that can find a way to win and get a result. I don’t think it really matters in our eyes, just as long as you keep getting wins and keep doing what we’re doing. We’re fine and confident going into games.

Watched first Orlando game on TV due to injury, what must DC do different

I think that had to do with the home field advantage there and the amount of crowd and how big the field is, I think they have a huge field. It looked like it on TV at least. They had a little bit of the momentum, I thought we responded well. Obviously getting a late goal in Silva, was brilliant. We’re at home now and we have a little more confidence going into this game than we did in maybe other games. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem at all and possession will be probably even this game.

On the job that Kofi’s done in his absence

I thought he’s done well, obviously we haven’t lost a game since I’ve been out and a defender’s job is to kind of grind out wins and get results. So I think he’s done well and filled in great.


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