Discipline issued to Brady, Patriots

The NFL has issued it’s ruling after the Ted Wells led investigation was completed last week, today the league decided to hand out the punishment to the New England Patriots for their role in the scandal or incident this past postseason.

The internet is ablaze at the moment, reaction being given from both Patriot supporters and haters. There is a large portion of folks that believe this punishment was issued from the reaction of fans and media that continued to talk about the incident since it was originally reported. While that can’t be determined at this time, it’s fair to wonder if the league felt that the quality of their product was in question. Also, just how big of an advantage did Brady and the Patriots gain from the deflated footballs? Keep in mind in the game in question (against the Colts), the ran the ball heavily.

  This isn’t the first time the New England franchise has been involved in a ‘scandal’ going back to ‘Spy Gate’. The question is if the punishment was fair, too harsh, or not nearly harsh enough. 

As you can see from the excerpt above, Troy Vincent definitely feels as if there is something to the whole ‘Patriot arrogance’ theme. If in fact that did play a role, does that make the sanctions easier to digest? John Jastremski and James McNally were also suspended indefinitely, they were the two Patriot employees named in the Wells report.

If Brady does appeal, how much of a chance does he have of winning and would it reduce it to two games or less? Meanwhile the Patriots will have to operate for the first four games without their future Hall of Fame  signal caller. Enter Jimmy  Garoppolo, the second year backup quarterback. He’ll probably be the man under center in New England for the first four games.

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