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Olsen: ‘We want to be as complete a team as possible’

The Black-and-Red are on a remarkable streak, they haven’t lost n the past six matches. They started the season with more than a fair share of missing players, at this point in the year, DC is as healthy as it’s ever been. The coaching staff has a great problem on their hand as they have to decide who will be starting and playing in the upcoming games. The good news for the now healthy roster is that with a grueling schedule coming up, the depth that United has come to rely on early in the year will be a luxury in a very tough month or so. Head coach Ben Olsen addressed the media after practice yesterday, here’s what he had to say.


On the current state of the roster, almost fully healthy

Lot of good player oust there,but the group thats been out there has done well   so guys on the outside have to find their way and get in there. Then make the most of it when they do. The other side is, we’ve got a month and a half here of a Saturday-Wednesday, Saturday-Wednesday, Saturday-Wednesday there’s a sunday or something thrown in there too. So everyone’s going to have to play their part in order for us to continue to get results


On how the upcoming schedule gives more players an opportunity to play

I think within this next month in a half, we’ll be able to evaluate even more who we are. Some of these guys are new, some of the relationships are going to be new, but ti’s good to have the depth and talent. It’s still about the 11, whoever it is, the 11 out there getting results for the club and I thought we did a good job on the weekend. I thought we were organized, I thought we looked out for each other, all the little things that let us down earlier in some of the home games we did and we got to continue with that.

On partnerhsip between Rolfe and Espindola

Both good players, both have good ideas. Rolfe is as good as anybody, that we have at playing off of others. Understanding  his role and adapting to guys around him, he does that with Fabi. He does that when he’s wide with wide backs, he’s just a smart player. Fabi is Fabi, Fabi’s a playmaker and if he enjoys playing with somebody, I think you see it in Fabi’s demeanor out there. They got a good partnership, Silva has a good partnership with Fabi so we’ve got some options up there.

On Rolfe’s influence in recent stretch

He’s been as anybody up until this point, he’s a classy player. It’s nice to have him out there, there’s a real quality in the way he plays and I think it’s contagious.His ability to combine and create partnerships with different players is really invaluable.

On team’s current identity

I think it’s changed, I think some games we’ve had to dig in and hold the fort. I think some games we’ve been the aggressor and dominated, put on a good offensive performance. We want to be a team that can do both, if we’re under the gun we want to be able to defend the box and bail each other out, group defend. If we need to break down low pressure, we need to be good in that aspect and in how we play our final ball. We want to be as complete a team as possible, so we can deal with the level of this league and it’s good. In this league, there’s so many different styles to teams and you have to be able to adapt.

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