Charlotte Hornets active leading up to tonight’s Draft

The Charlotte Hornets didn’t quite have the season they had hoped for last year, between injuries and bad investments things didn’t go well. There was nothing but hope and optimism after making the playoffs the year before. Rather than stay put and simply figure out what player to add in tonight’s draft with the ninth overall pick, Charlotte is very, very, very active in the trade market.

The Lance Stephenson experiment didn’t go as they hoped, they could have given it a second chance and see how things worked out in year two. That wasn’t the case as the shipped Stephenson off to the Los Angeles Clippers for Spencer Hawes and Matt Barnes.

That was just the beginning of the player movement for Charlotte, last night they landed Nic Batum from the Blazers. Heading to Portland are Noah Vonleh and Gerald Henderson. It’s clear that the Hornets are trying to add more shooters to their roster and there are several reports saying that Cody Zeller is being shopped for wing players as well. Prior to last season Michael Jordan and Rich Cho made it clear that Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson were the pillars of this franchise. That’s been perfectly evident as everything else around them is eligible to be moved.


Manager Rich Cho followed last night’s action with today’s activities, sending Ridnour and his non-guaranteed contract and a second round pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Jeremy Lamb. The former first round pick never flourished on a stacked Thunder team, him and Perry Jones never seemed to get that opportunity to show that they could play in the league.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 1.29.59 PMHe’ll be joining his former college backcourt mate in Charlotte, Kemba Walker. Again, on a team that needs shooting this could be a perfect chance to prove that he belongs in the league. Lamb came out of college known for his silky shooting stroke, he’s only shot 34% from beyond the arc in his time with the Thunder. He’s coming to a team that is desperate for shooting and he has familiarity with one of the team’s best players. Whether he can win  a starting job or come off the bench, he’ll get a chance to show everyone that he’s an NBA player.

After all of that movement, the Hornets may not be done in their task of improving their roster. They have the ninth pick in the draft tonight barring any other trades they make, keep tabs on them to see if they do in fact move Zeller. If they do, does that mean they have to take a stretch four with that ninth pick? Cho stated that they are ready to  ‘take the best player available’ so we’ll see.

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